Meditation For Tuesday Morning On The Prayer Of Our Savior In The Garden And Upon His Apprehension

Meditation for this day (when thou hast made the sign of the Cross, and prepared thy self hereunto) thou haft to meditate upon theſe points: to wit: upon the prayer of our Savior in the Garden: and upon his apprehension. 


When Supper was done, Christ went with his disciples into a garden which is called Gethsemane. And he said unto them. Sit here, whilst I go and pray yonder. And he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee. And he began to be in great fear, and heaviness.And he said unto them. My soul is heavy even unto death. Tarry here, and watch with me. And so he went a little further from them, where he cast himself down prostrate on the earth, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying. O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt. This done, he came to his Disciples , and found them a sleep. And he said to Peter: what could ye not watch with me one hour? watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation. The spirit is ready, but the fleſhe is weake. Againe he went awaie the ſeconde time, and made the ſame praier ſaying. O my Father, if this cuppe cannot paſſe awaie from me, but that I muſt needes drinke it, thy will be done. And he came the ſecond time, and founde his Diſciples a ſleepe: for theire eyes were heauie. So he left them, and went awaie againe, and praied the third time, ſayinge the ſame wordes.And the- reappeared an angell to him from heauen, comfortinge him. And beinge in an agonie, he praiedmo- reat lengthe. And his ſweate was like droppes of bloude, tricke- ling downe to the grownde.Then he came to his Diſciples, and ſaid vnto them. Sleepe from hence forth, and take your reſt. Behold the Teleſdaie morninge. $2. the howre is at hand, and the ſon- ne of man ſhalbe deliuered into the handes of ſynners. Ariſe, let vs goe,beholdehe is at hande, that ſhall betraie me. And whiles he yet ſpake, lo, Iudas one of the twclue came, and with him agreat multitude, with ſwordes, and ſta- ues, and torches, and lanternes, beinge ſent from the highe prei- ſtes, and elders of the people.Now he that betraied him, had geuen them a token : ſayinge: whom ſo euer I ſhall kiſſe, that is he, laie handes on him. And forthwith he came to Ieſus, and ſaid: hayle maiſter, and kiſſed him. Then Ieſus ſaid vnto him. Freynd,whe- “”. refore art thou come? And Simon Peter drewe out his ſworde, and ſtrooke a ſeruante of the high preiſte, and cut of his right carci -Meditation fºr Iur.12. Math.16. Ioan, 18. This ſeruant was called Malcus. Then Ieſus ſaid vnto Peter: put vp thy ſwoord into the ſcabbord. The cuppe that my Father hath geuen me, wilt thou not, that I drinke it? And he towched the ea- re, and forthewith made it whole. At that time Ieſus ſaid to the high preiſtes, and to the officers of . temple, and to the elders, that ca- me vnto him. Ye become out, as itwere againſt atheefe,with ſwoor- des and ſtaues. I ſat dailie emon- ge you teachinge in the temple, and yelaid no handes on me. But this is your howre, and the power of darkenes. Then the ſouldiers, and the captaine, and the officers of the Iewes tooke Ieſus, and boid him, and led him awaie, to Annas firſt (for he was father in lawe to Caiphas, who was the high preiſt for 7-loſſaie morninge. j} for that yeare. Then all the di- Mathas. ſciples forſooke him, and fled. 

MED IT ATIONS V P ON T H E S E P O Y N T E S O F T H E T E x T.HAT doeſt thou o my ſoulet * / 3) what thinkeſt thou? It is noti- *\:/ºff me now to ſleepe: Come with 3. /º me I praye thee into the garden išº of Gethſemanie, id there ſhalt thou heare , and ſee great miſteries. There ſhalt thou ſee, ioye ſtroken with ſadnes: for- titude waxen afraide: ſtrengthe diſcomfited: maieſtie and omnipotencie confounded:grea- tenes, and mightines, verie narrowlic ſtrey- tened: and glorie it ſelf obſcured, and dar- kened. 

Confider now firſt, how after that ſup- of Chriſ- per (which was ſo full of miſterie) was ended, ..." our ſauiour went with his diſciples vnto the É. mownte Oliuet, to make his praier, before he would enter into the combat of his paſ- In all trous fion: to geue vs thereby to vnderſtand, that bles and . in all troubles, and temptations of this life, ...” - ’ of this life: we muſt alwaies haue recourſe winto praier, ... iſ Meditation for haue re- courſe to Praier, as to a holie as it were to an holie ancker, by vertu where- of, the burden of tribulation ſhall eyther be taken quite awaie from vs: or els we ſhall ha- ancker and ue ſtrength geuen vs to be able to beare it: refuge. S.Gregorie. which is a farre greater grace. For (as S. Gre- gorie ſaith) our Lord doth vs a greater bene- fit, when he geueth vs force, and ſtrength, to be able to ſuſteine troubles, and temptations, then when he taketh the ſame troubles and temptations awaie from vs. 

Our ſauiour tooke with him (to accom- panie him in this waie) three of his beſt belo- ucd Diſciples: to witt: S. Peter: S.Iames, and S. Iohn: which three a little before, had be- ne witneſſes of his glorious transfiguration. And this he did,that the verie ſame perſons might ſee, what a farre different ſhape he tooke nowe vpon him, for the loue of men, from that glorious ſhape, wherein he had ſhewed him ſelfe vnto them at his transfigu- ration. And becauſe they ſhould vnderſtand, that the inward troubles, and agonie of his ſoule, were no leſſe then thoſe, that begane to be diſcouered outwardly, he ſpake vnto them thoſe ſorowfull wordes. My ſºule is hea- uſe euen vnto death:tarrie me here,and batchelbith me. That verie God, and trewe man, that man that farre excellethe both our humane nature, and all thinges created, whoſe de alinge,and conference, was with the verie bre- ſte of the highe Deitie it ſelfe, with whom onclic he communicated his ſecretes, is now * - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - fallen


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