MONDAY MEDITATION OF Sin, and the grievousness thereof 1633 (ANON.)

Madonna in Glory with Seraphim 

Of Sin, and the grievousness thereof

1. Consider how odious the same is to God, which may appear by the greatness of the punishment. First in the Angels. Secondly in our first Parents, who for eating the forbidden apple were deprived of that happy estate wherein they were created in Paradise; nay not only they, but we, and all their posterity do beare the burden thereof; for so much as all the miseries of this life and the next, do spring from out that bitter root.

2. Consider the Malice of sin,which in a sort is infinite, being against the infinite goodness of God; and therefore Christ Jesus, God and man was only found worthy and able to accomplish the work of our Redemption, whose actions being of infinite merit were answerable to infinite Justice.

3. Consider the lamentable effects thereof. 1. Of Gods grace, wherof we are deprived. 2. Of the evils which we do incur, as the wrath of God, torments of Conscience, the servitude of Satan, and the guilt of eternal damnation: why then should not the very name of Sin be as horrible unto us, as if Hell itself did open to swallow us up quick.


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