Short Meditation For Ninth Sunday After Pentecost How Our Lord Did Weep

Man of Sorrows 

How our Lord did weep upon the City of Jerusalem, foretelling the destruction thereof. Lk.19.41.

1. Consider how our Saviour viewing with his corporal eyes the City of Jerusalem, and foreseeing the calamities and ruin that soon after should befall unto it, did weep upon it.

2. How albeit that many of the inhabitants thereof did press to come before him, and receive him as he deserved, yet he did not cease to lament the misfortunes by which this poor City was to be destroyed in such sort as he did foreknow.

3. How amongst other words that he spake, we must ponder well these: O if thou also hadst known, and that in this day, the things that pertain to thy peace!

Let us learn

1. To bewail the dangers in which we ourselves and all other men do live in this world.

2. To have compassion not only of our friends, benefactors, and kinsfolks, but also of those that wish and do us harm.

3. Not to let the time over slip in vain, nor loose the occasions which we have to do good.

Vincenzo Bruno 1614


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