Dublin Airport Has A Muslim Prayer Room! But It Is Afraid If The Irish Sing 'Ooh ah, up the Ra' Time To Kick The English Out Of Ireland!

Last King Of England.....

Muslim Prayer Room Situated at the Terminal 2 of Dublin Airport.
They have Wudu' area in the room. It is a multifaith prayer room. However, most Muslims use it. There are also Quran, Sajadah, and few chairs in it.

Video showing group of passengers at Dublin Airport singing pro-IRA chant is condemned as 'disgraceful' by politicians 

A group of passengers have been filmed singing a pro-IRA song at Dublin Airport - - as politicians condemn the footage as 'disgraceful'. The large group of passengers were seen clapping as they sang 'Ooh ah, up the Ra' in footage taken on Saturday. The song, taken from the Celtic Symphony by the Wolfe Tones, is associated with support of the Irish Republican Army who carried out a series of bombings and assassinations in their long campaign of terror. But politicians have today slammed the footage as 'profoundly disrespectful' amid fears the chant is becoming 'normalised'. Alliance Party MP Stephen Farry said on Twitter: 'More disgraceful behaviour. We are seeing a growing pattern of incidents in sectarian chants across different parts of society. 'Real dangers in this in this type of conduct becoming normalised or seen as acceptable. Attempts at trying to rationalise this are as pathetic as the actual chanting. There was no good IRA with just a "few mistakes". It was all bad.' Northern Ireland Office minister Steve Baker said: 'I am deeply shocked and concerned to see this behaviour in Dublin Airport. 'This is profoundly disrespectful to the victims of terrorism.' Source


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