Pickax-Wielding Black Witch Beverly Baker, 65, Smashes Homeowner's Windows As Baby Slept

A Witch I bet....

Terrifying moment pickaxe-wielding woman, 65, smashes up a Pasadena home where grandmother was babysitting newborn - and causes $20k of damage 

This is the terrifying moment a pickaxe-wielding woman smashes through the windows of a Pasadena home just inches from a newborn baby. Beverly Baker, 65, was caught wielding the weapon in the horrifying attack, returning several times to the California home. The grandmother of the newborn watched the attacker smash into the building with a pickaxe and almost shatter glass all over her six-week-old granddaughter.It comes amid skyrocketing crime in LA, with the total number of violent crimes up 4.2 per cent.Arman Tchoukadarian said that he feels like the family 'lost their safe place' in the incident. The homeowner estimates that about $20,000 worth of damage was done to the house during the attack. His mother-in-law was alone with the baby when Baker brazenly walked up to the property with the large weapon. She managed to snatch the baby away from the window just before it was shattered, before Baker returned to the scene. Source


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