Antichrist Sermons On Advent Sunday And In All The Time Of Advent.

WOLGEMUT, Michael 
Sermon of the Antichrist 

THE SIXTH CHAP.  Of The Catholic Sermon Usually After The Credo. And Of Antichrist Of Whom Are Made Ordinarily The Sermons On Advent Sunday And In All The Time Of Advent. 

Saint Dionise immediately after the Ascension of Christ taught when the sermon was usually made in his time, saying: Osiulantibus omnibus mistica facrorum volumina, predicatio perficitur. When all have kissed the book after the reading of the Gospel, (which was during the saying Credo)  then the Sermon is made. To which S. Clement, and he also disciple to the Apostle, according in these words: Post lectionem legis & Prophetarum &c. After the lesson of the law, prophets, & the Gospel; alloquatur populum sermonibus exhortatorijs, let him exhort the people by sermon. 

Which being presupposed sufficient to contest the antiquity, and verity of this point: their remaineth only to deliver instead of a sermon, the wonted subject of sermons upon the precedent Gospel of Advent  Sunday. Which being of Antichrist, and nothing more needful to be known, or forewarned then the person, power, and perdition of so Capital enemy of God, god lines, and of all Gods servants; I intend to treat briefly, yet distinctly of what to him may principally belong, by distinct, and several points for more methods sake.

Fr. Fitzsimon 


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