The Delphi Killer Richard Allen May Have Had An ACCOMPLICE

‘May not have acted alone’: Prosecutors say Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen may have had an ACCOMPLICE to the crime – as judge delays decision to unseal arrest affidavit and ‘double killer’ remains behind bars 

Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen could have an 'accomplice' to the double murder, according to prosecutors fighting to keep his arrest affidavit under wraps - as the alleged killer remains behind bars until next year. Allen, 50, is accused of murdering both Libby German, 14, and her friend Abigail Williams, 13, as they hiked a trail in Delphi, Indiana, in February 2017. WTHR reported that the prosecutor said in court that there is reason to believe that Allen is not the only one involved in the killings - though no other names were mentioned.They said: 'We believe Richard Allen is not the only actor involved in this.' Ron Logan, who died in 2020, had long been the prime suspect in the killings after the girl's bodies were found on his property and Kegan Kline was also named as the possible murderer. Allen was given court-appointed lawyers after sending a handwritten letter to the judge asking for representation last week. A judge in Indiana put off his bail hearing until next year and will mull over the decision to unseal the arrest affidavit – as the mother of one of his alleged victims begs for it to remain sealed. His lawyers have since filed a request for Allen to be released without posting bond or by setting a ‘reasonable bail amount’, which will be considered on February 17 at a bail hearing. Currently the only details that have been released are that Allen's initial bail was set at $20million following his arrest, though he is reportedly now being held without bond.He has pleaded not guilty to both counts of murder, and prosecutors have sealed his arrest warrant from being accessed by the public. The state has filed a motion requesting a gag order in the case. Andrew Baldwin, defense attorney for Allen, says that he is the 'wrong guy' and the sealed probable cause affidavit is 'flimsy' adding: 'You expect more than what I saw.' As part of Allen's petition to be let out on bail, his attorneys say 'because neither the proof of guilt is evident, nor the presumption of guilt strong, the Accused is seeking a hearing to release the Accused.' Though prosecutors did not name any potential accomplices, both Logan and Kline have long been linked with the slayings. Source


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