Meditation Of The Virgin Marie's Stature And Manners Taken Out Of Ancient And Holy Fathers - Day XXIX

MASTER of the Aix Annunciation 
The Annunciation (detail) 

Meditation Of The Virgin Marie's Stature And Manners Taken Out Of Ancient And Holy Fathers 


The Virgin Marie was of a mean stature, although some be of opinion as (a) Nicephorus writeth, that she was of a little more than a mean stature. Her color was somewhat more brown than white, and was much like the color of wheat. Her hair was yellow yet without art or human industry. 

Her eyes were quick and lively, and of a grave color, but the apple of her eye, was like to an olive color. Her eуe lids were decently black, and somewhat bowed: her nose was mean, her lips of coral color, her face something long, her hands and fingers long (a) Nicephor.lib.2. hiſt.cm3 Epiphan. Conſtaati. presbyter. lib. de vira Maria: Cedrenus in compendio bift. Anfelmus apud Caniſ, 

In conversation she was affable, and gracious in speech, yet grave and modest: her talk was little, and not without necessity: She did honor all most willingly: she was shamefast and demure, without laughing, disdain, or any other perturbation. 

The holy and famous martyr (a) Saint Ignatius, who lived at the same time the Virgin Marie did, in a certain epistle of his, after he had called her a pattern of penance, and a mistress of Christian religion, doth say, that from many parts of the world there came sundry to see her, as if the had seen a celestial miracle, and a most sacred sight: to whom she seemed so marvelous, that every one of them was incredibly glad to have seen her, or spoken with her. 

Among those,was that great (b) Dionysius Areopagita, who being astonished at the majesty of the Virgin Marie, and wondering at the holiness of her manners, & beholding in her I know not what celestial and divine brightness, did say, that if Christ had not been revealed to him, he would easily have believed that there had been no other God than the Virgin Marie. 

Hence it is, that the holy doctor (c) Saint Chryfoftome, doth call our Lady, the great miracle of the world. 

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(c) Homil. de hypapan Domini. 


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