HEEMSKERCK, Maerten van 
Man of Sorrows 


FIFTHLY, we ought to have in mind and think, how the blessed Son of God, being arrived at the mount of Calvary, much travailed, wearied, and exceeding feeble, was by those felons, and murderers, rudely and cruelly despoiled, whereby all his former wounds were renewed, and began to bleed a fresh, by reason that his coat cleaved fast unto his blessed body, the which was a marvelous pain and torment unto him, for in this violent extraction of his robe, the blood ran down a new, from all parts of his blessed body. 

The figure hereof was shewed, when Joseph was despoiled by his brethren , and his coat dipped in the blood of a Kid. To conform him self to this article the devout soul ought to say this prayer following. 


Against Covetousness

I Salute the most precious blood of my Savior JESUS, shed forth abundantly on the mount of Calvary, by the rude, and violent extraction of his coat, Which held and cleaved so fast unto him, that all his precious wounds were renewed,and the blood dropped down from his blessed body upon the ground. 

I beseech thee, most sweet JESUS, for that willingly and voluntarily, thou would be unclothed and despoiled nakedly before all the world, suffering great shame and confusion, for the shame and confusion of iryne offences, and to enrich me, would be deprived of all kind of comforts, make me to be intgrelie despoiled of all kind of worldly contentment, so far as they are ether contrary, or hurtful to my salvation, to the end that in all nakedness, I may follow thee, nakedly crucified on the Cross. 

And pardon me, I beſeech thee, all my sins and excesses, which I have committed in any apparel, ornaments, and habits of superfluity, and in my garments, and in all other things exceeding my estate, that I may lay with Saint Paul: I have made all things as detriment, and do esteem them as dung that I may gain Christ. And let me not appear, naked of all virtues, merits,and good works before thee, at the hour of my death and dreadful day of judgement. And by the virtue and effusion, of thy most noble & precious blood, vouchsafe to blot out all my sins committed by avarice, and disordinate love towards temporal goods. which greedy avarice hath made me fall from thy grace,and deprived me of the participation  of thy heavenly kingdom; for as the holy ſcripture saith: Nether the covetousness nor extortioners shall possess the kingdom of God. And our Savior alſo saith in the gospel, I say unto you it is a hard thing for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven, it is most easy for a Camel to go thorough the eye of needle, then for a rich man to enter into heaven. 

O my blessed redeemer JESUS, the lover of holy poverty, who haste thorough all thy life, from thy first entrance into this world, unto thy death, been a true and perfect observer of this holy precept, give me thy grace to be poor in spirit, and illuminate my understanding, to know and contemn, for the love of thee, the vileness, abusion and deception of temporal riches, and of all honor, glory, pomp,and worldly dignity: and to place all my hart, care, and cogitation,in the obtaining of spiritual riches, whereby I may poſsess the everlasting and eternal treasures, and to be of the number of them, of whom thou speak in the gospel, saying: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

Amen. Pater Noster. Ave Maria, Credo. FINIS. 

Seven Effusions Of Our Saviors Blood: 

Agony In The Garden 
Clothed With Purple Mantle Crowning With Thorns 
Carrying Of The Cross 
Nailing To The Cross 
Lance Was Thrust Into His Side


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