GIOTTO di Bondone 
No. 31 Scenes from the Life of Christ: 15. The Arrest of Christ (Kiss of Judas) 

V. Meditation 

CONSIDER that after our Savior's prayer was ended, there presently came a troop of armed men, and at the head of them Judas who with a kiss betrayed his Divine Master. The Disciples ran away and abandoned his Sacred Person to that herd of bloody wolves, who set upon that spotless Lamb left alone in their power. Who can hear, without being moved ^th all the affections of love and grief, the barbarity with which they treated our dear Savior! They bound his hands behind him with cords, and, after an inhuman manner, dragged him along the streets with a rope about his neck, some pulling him forwards, and others backwards with violence. What did our dear Lord suffer on this occasion! what pain, confusion, and disgrace! all which he willingly underwent for our sake, offering himself a Sacrifice for our Salvation; though, at the same time, he knew we would a thousand times betray him, who suffered such affronts for our love. if his Disciples left and abandoned him, 'twas because of the danger they saw; but we forsake him without the alarm of danger, and fee the peril we run into, by departing from him. How much greater is our crime than theirs! let us with a heart full of sorrow beg pardon for having ever left him, by offending him, and resolve to do so no more. Grant me, dear Lord, this favor, that I may ever remain fast bound to you, by all the duties of my state, and for Eternity, be never separated from you.


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