Sensual Fornicating Rad Trads Lighting A Candle To Their Wife's Vagina.....Marital Debt Used As An Excuse To Fornicate

This Man Is Going To Restore All Things in Christ? LOL!
Notice The Beard...

During Lent ALL Rad Trad manly he men will not leave the pleasures of the martial bed.

They cannot be separated from their wife's vagina.

They are weak men - they are sensual.

To justify their fornicating ways they get a woman to write about the Marital Debt: 

In a recent essay here at Crisis musing on “the marital debt,” Adam Lucas suggests that the topic is in the category of “fun-to-consider-but-ultimately-irrelevant theological questions.” On the contrary, the question of the marital debt is practical and immediately applicable for married Catholics—or anyone seeking a fulfilling and lifelong marriage, for that matter. The conjugal or marital debt, a concept in moral theology, refers to the obligation of spouses to offer their bodies to the other to avoid illicit outlets for concupiscence. Few subjects raise such ire and disgust as the marital debt, but it is the teaching of the universal Church. Pace Mr. Lucas, the truth or falsity of this moral teaching does, indeed, matter. Moral questions become more difficult to discern as we move to the particular, but that does not render the moral teaching irrelevant. A reexamination is in order. Source

These Rad Trads are the same who disrupt the Silence of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with their screaming, whining, yelling, crying babies.

There is a problem at ALL Rad Trad Latin Mass sites. Chapels have turned into daycare centers. The Priests will not address the issue because they are afraid.

There is no more silence at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

These sensual fornicating Rad Trads are heretics who attack the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by destroying the NECESSARY Silence during the Mass. 


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