DUCCIO di Buoninsegna 
Jesus before Annas (scene 8) 

VI. Meditation. 

CONSIDER how Christ having been taken in the garden, bound hand and foot and his whole body laden with chains, is, presented before Annas where he is accused of speaking arrogantly to the High Priest; for which he receives a box on the ear, from a hand armed with a Gauntlet, which was no less painful than injurious and affronting. The wicked High Priest, and all that were about him, scoffed and laughed to see our Lord is struck. Reflect a little who it is that is thus treated as speaking arrogantly? 'Tis no less than God himself. King of kings, and Lord of lords, the wisdom of the Eternal Father; and shall so great a Majesty receive so injurious an affront for speaking to a vile wretched man, a Rascal, guilty of all sorts of wickedness? Admire, that the earth does not dissolve at so great a prodigy of impiety; that a thunderbolt does not crush that impious hand, and that the angels can suffer such an injury done to God! Admire again and again the infinite love^ of God, who binds his own hands with the chains of his love for us, that he might not revenge the injuries done to his Son! Admire still more his goodness in suffering you, who have so often buffeted him, and have so little profited by so great an example of Patience, as not to be able to suffer the least injury, flight, or affront, for his sake.



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