What I Said In November 2019: Energy Department Concludes Covid Leak From Wuhan Virus Lab: I Just Moved My Twitter Operation To Wuhan 武漢 武汉

What I said 17 November 2019 is now confirmed by US Energy Department...


My original post

My Twitter Account dxv515 has since been obliterated by Indian assholes in 2020.

No matter things will get so bad in the next 35 years that I will be nailing it day and night.

Covid DID leak from Wuhan virus lab, Energy Department concludes: Bombshell new intelligence dismisses animal origin theory and says virus escape was likely accidental 

The Energy Department has reversed its previous position and has used new research to conclude that the Covid-19 virus most likely leaked from a Chinese research lab. The new conclusion was issued in an update to a 2021 document prepared by Director of National Intelligence and was recently provided to White House lawmakers, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. The Energy Department has now therefore joined the FBI in saying the virus likely spread from a lab in Wuhan. However, four other agencies are still said to favor the 'natural spillover' theory that the virus escaped via an animal at a nearby meat market. Two agencies, one of which is the CIA, are yet to declare a definitive position. Source



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