Christine Niles Didn't See That Coming! Measles Super-Spreader Event At Evangelical Asbury Revival! 20,000 Heretics Infected!

Christine Niles hater of 1000 SSPX Priests and Religious promotes heretical evangelical Asbury Revival:

"My Heart goes out to them" Christine Niles

The rotten fruits of this heretical evangelical Asbury Revival?

Measles outbreak!

See the witch's video praising heresy posted below...

Fears over measles super-spreader event at Kentucky religious festival — where up to 20,000 may have been exposed to unvaxxed attendee 

Officials have issued a health warning over a potential measles super-spreader event at a religious ceremony in Kentucky. Around 20,000 people may have been exposed to the extremely infectious disease at the 10-day worship event in the city of Wilmore. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state health chiefs revealed that an unvaccinated attendee tested positive for measles days after the event last month. They are now warning all unvaccinated attendees or anyone who develops symptoms to quarantine for up to 21 days and contact their doctor. 'Large numbers of people that attended the gathering from across Kentucky and from other states and countries may have been exposed,' the CDC told The infected person - who has not bee identified - attended a 24-hour prayer event at Asbury University in Wilmore on February 18. The Christian 'Asbury Revival' event gained viral attention on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, with some videos earning hundreds-of-thousands of views. Social media videos show a packed event with some even worshipping outside as the inner area of the church became filled. The CDC spokesperson added: 'An estimated 20,000 people attended the gathering on the days that the patient attended. 'The Kentucky Department for Public Health is actively working with CDC and clinicians to help identify if there are additional cases. 'Community transmission of measles in connection with this event is possible, particularly among unvaccinated or under-vaccinated individuals.' 

Measles is one of the most contagious virus known to man. Each infected person can pass it onto up to 18 others. The highly effective vaccines which first emerged in 1963 have largely subsided the virus's spread throughout the developed world. But the disease is highly preventable, with a 97 percent efficacy against measles. This outbreak could be tied to COVID-19 lockdowns and other pandemic measures that disrupted medical treatment for the past two years. The World Health Organization warned in July that the pandemic had created a global 'backslide' in vaccinations across the world. Officials now fear that rare but dangerous viruses like measles could make a resurgence across the world. Jessamine County Health Department - which oversees Wilmore - and Asbury University did not immediately reply to a request for comment. 'If you may have been exposed at Asbury University's campus and develop any symptoms, whether previously vaccinated or unvaccinated, please isolate yourself from others and call your medical provider, urgent care, or emergency department to seek testing,' Dr Steven Stack, commissioner of the Kentucky Health Department, said in a statement. 'Please do not arrive at a health care facility without advance notice so that others will not be exposed.' The state health department told that no additional cases of measles had been linked to this event. The event began on February 8 and ran until the 19th. It was hosted by Asbury University, a small private Christian school of around 1,600 students. Prayers are led by students. Many of those students attended, along with tens of thousands of people who traveled from nearby communities, out-of-state or even from abroad. It is unclear where the infected person is from. Asbury University, like many US schools, requires students to be vaccinated for measles in order to attend. Source


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