FSSP Rad Trads Freak Out Over Pachamama Statue But Ignore Statues Our Lady Of Aparecida & Our Lady Of Fatima At Regional Latin America Synod

Its bad art.

Pachamama is NOT a pagan idol.

Another example of the Rad Trad hysteria over a dumb block of wood.

No Rad Trad influence will ever go against the narrative that Pachamama is a pagan idol.

BRASILIA, Brazil (LifeSiteNews) — The statue of the Pachamama made its appearance in Brazil at a Mass for the Regional Assemblies of Latin America and the Caribbean during the continental-stage meetings of the Synod on Synodality. Photos shows several bishops concelebrating the Mass with the pagan idol prominently featured in the sanctuary in front of the ambo. The Diocese of San José de Mayo posted the photo on Facebook, celebrating the event.In a homily given at the closing Mass of the Regional Assembly, which took place from March 6 to March 10 in Brasilia, Bishop Pedro Jubinville, vice president of the Paraguayan Episcopal Conference, with the pantheistic language of cultic nature religions — such as those in which the Incan idol of the Pachamama, “mother earth,” is worshiped — emphasized listening “to the land, the flora, the water,” and the “cry of the earth.” “Synodality makes us listen not only to the ecclesial organization but also to the land, the flora, the water, also to the peoples, the communities,” Jubinville said. “A great effort of ‘mapping’ is being prepared that is not only a collection of data but an exercise of listening to what the territory tells us, a ritual of belonging and thanksgiving for the concrete land where we are.” These rituals, the bishop insisted, are a way of “celebrating a belonging to land, which is a space that is always human,” affirming that “these networks can give us clues to respond to the great call of Laudato Sí and the cry of the earth.” Source

Here is the photot.

Please tell me how many statues of the Blessed Mother do you see?

Four? Five?

But the Pachamama gets all the attention...


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