Grandes Heures de Rohan 


Seauenthlie, upon the Saturday the devout soul ought to embrace his meek Lord lovingly with his hart, and to consider and contemplate the bitter and dolorous departure of his sweet redeemer & Savior Jesu, where his vermilion cheeks and lips, I began to wax pale; his sacred eyes to send forth gross, and cloudy tears; his holy mouth to be drawn together; his revered head, to incline and hang downward; & finally his most blessed soul to depart out of his body. 

The devout soul contemplating hereon, ought to be mollified, and with compassion to melt, and be quite resolved into tears, conſidering this sharp and bitter death of our blessed Lord and Savoir; and ought also to die with him spiritually unto the the world, & to forsake and leave all Sin, to live with him eternally. 

The devout soul ought alſo to think, that after his death and passion, those wicked and felonious Jews, were not yet fully satisfied with those dolours, pains, torments, abuses, and contumelies, which already in his life time, they had inflicted upon him, but also after his death they add new torments unto his blessed body; and with most execrable cruelty, they pierce his sacred side, unto his very hart, where out issued water and blood, as saith S. John. 

One of the soldiers with a spear opened his side, and incontinent there issued forth blood and water. 

Think, what torment, dolour, anguish, sorrow, and affliction, this stroke to the tender hart of his blessed mother, who was there present. 

Wherefore to conform him self to this article, let the devout soul, with great compassion, dolour, and compunction, hartly say this prayer following. 


I Salute the most noble, precious, I out of the right side of mine amorous Savior Jeſus, hanging dead upon the cross; by the which blood he hath made full satisfaction unto the divine justice, to recover and redeem vs from everlasting damnation. 

O my Lord, my God, the hope, and health of all the world, the Creator of all creatures, who of thy incomprehensible love would die a most bitter and shameful death, for me a vile, miserable, and sinful creature, give me grace, (were Jesu I beseech thee,that I may die ſpiritually with thee, and that at the hour of my death, thou receive my soul unto thy mercy. 

O moſt sweet Jesu, I recommend my soul, & my body into thy hands, extended on the cross, pierced, nailed, and all be purpled with thy precious blood. 

And I ask in all profound humility thy holy grace, that in the last hour of my life,I may with good understanding, and perfect memory, with firm faith, and aſſured hope, recommend my soul unto thy mercy, safeguard, and ſacred protection. 

And that I may be worthy to hear that sweet and comfortable voice: This day thou shalt be with me in Paradiſe. 

O my amorous Redeemer, who did permit (after thou was dead) thy blessed side to be opened with a lance where out did issue both water and blood: vouchsafe deeply to wound, and pierce my soul, with the lance of thy divine love: to the end that at the hour of my death, I may be worthy to receive thy blessed body, in the most holy and blessed Sacrament, as a spiritual food against the everlasting famine, & thy precious blood, for comfortable drink, against the eternal and unquenchable thirst, In the opening of thy sacred side, O my gracious Lord, thou hast opened to thine elect, the gate of Paradise, and of eternal life. 

I beseech thee, dear Jesu, have not memory of my sins and iniquities, less this gate and entry be shut and closed against me for mine offences, which thou haſte mercifully opened to all poor sinners, penitents and repentant: but receive my soul at the hour of my death favorably unto thy mercy, and place it with thee in perpetual joy and felicity. 

And furthermore sweet Jesu I beseech thee, for the honor of all thy pains, dolorous, death, and passion, and for the effusion of thy most precious blood: that thou would pardon me all my grievous sins of carnality, committed in thoughts, words, deeds, or motions, by my disordinate affection of concupiscence, and sensual delectation. 

And that I may follow and perform the counsel of S. Paul saying: Mortify your sinful members, And again. If you live according to the flesh you shall die, but if by the spirit you subdue the works of the flesh, you shall live, Give me deer Jesu I beseech thee, this fair Angelical virtue of Chastity, of continence, purity of soul, and body. 

Sweet Jeſu, mortify and kill in me all vices, all motions, and provocations to concupiscence and carnal affection. 

Take from me I beseech thee, all that which is unlawful, disordinate, and displeasing te thy divine majesty: and give me a hart most simple, clean pure, fervent , divine, and conformable to thy own hart, which no vicious , nor disordinate affection, may ever infect, soil, or maculate. 

My Lord, God,and moſt compassionate spouse of my soul, I beseech thee, to keep and defend me from all wicked, unlawful, and vicious deeds: from all unseemly, unclean, and hurtful talk; and from all evil, fleshly, and filthily thoughts, that I may worthily and faithful serve thee, in all pureness of soul and body. 

Sweet Jeſu, take the whole possession of my hart unto thee, and give me either thine own hart, or make this hart of mine conformable unto thine, to the end that all my thoughts, wills, and desires, may always be in thee, and to thy honor and glory, and that I may perceptually repose in thee, ſaying with the Prophet: My Soul shall rest and sleep in peace. 

Finally, most merciful Jeſu, I pray thee for the souls of my parents, friends, and benefactors, and generally for all the souls in Purgatory; humbly beseeching thee, by thy clemency, goodness, and infinite bounty, and by the merit of thy most holy death and passion, to deliver and release them of their pains and torments, and to give them perpetual and everlasting rest. 

Amen. Pater noster. Aue Maria, Credo. FINIS.

Seven Effusions Of Our Saviors Blood: 
Agony In The Garden 
Clothed With Purple Mantle Crowning With Thorns 
Carrying Of The Cross
Nailing To The Cross 
Lance Was Thrust Into His Side


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