Ecce Homo 
c. 1580


Thirdly on Tuesday, We ought to think and meditate how the blessed Son of God, was attired with a vestment, or purple mantel, and how those felons, and cruel butchers, imposed upon his holy and reverend head (which is the honor of Paradise, the mirror of Angels, and the pattern of all beauty) a sharp Crown of Thorns, very piercing, smiting thereon with staves, to enforce them with violence, lo pierce his venerable  head, so that the thorns did pass into his brains, where with his clear and beautiful face was all bloody, and on every bid gored, and they afterwards impudently, spit in his holy visage, and mocked him, in so much that he was made the most deformed, and disfigured, that ever was beheld. 

To conform himself to this article, and to reduce into memory, this third Effusion of the sacred blood of our Lord and Savior, call to mind these figures: how Sampson was mocked of the Philistines and imprisoned among them. 

Noe also sleeping in his Tabernacle uncovered, mocked of his son, and for this was accursed of his Father. 

Elizeus was derided by the little children, saying. Go up bald-head; and for this derision they were cursed of him, and torn in pieces by two wild Bears. 

And by these personages, which were so mocked, is ſignified our Lord, who was alſo mocked of his enemies in his passion. 

We may likewiſe call to mind that which is written in the Canticles: saying. Go forth thou daughter of Sion, and behold the king Solomon with his crown, where with his mother (that is the synagogue of the  Jews) hath crowned him in the day of his espousal, And then the devote soul may say, in great bitterness, and profound humility, as followeth, 


Salute the most noble, and precious blood running down abundantly, from the blessed and reverend head, of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to wash and purge myself from all my sins. O most noble, and most patient Son of God, king of heaven and of earth, my God, and my Creator, humbly I adore thee, and glorify thee. For me thou hast endured many mockeries, injuries, and villainies, being cloaked with a purple mantel, crowned with a crown of most pricking thorns, holding in thy hand (instead of a regal Scepter) a light, and rotten Reed. Alas my most clement and meek Savior Jesu, how much pain and torment hast thou suffered for me in thy blessed head. 

Alas my God and deer spouse of my soul, it is my sin that hath caused thee this marvelous dolour and affliction. O good Jesu, for the great torment, dolor, viruperie, derision, opprobrium, & effusion of thy most precious blood, in this agony coronation, I adore thee, and thank thee, for thy profound humility, and infinite goodness in the merit of this effusion: humbly beseeching thee, that thou wilt pardon all my sins, which I have committed thorough pride, presumption, arrogance, vain glory, ostentation , inordinate appetite of honors, pomp, worldly glory, estimation of my self, disobedience to others and all other branches of Pride, to the end (after the councel of Saint Paul) I esteem not too much of myself; Be not (saith he) wise in your opine conceit, but fear; by the which fear I may (by thy grace) obtain the noble virtue of humility, which is the foundation, and guard of all other virtues: and that I may ever think humbly of myself, and contemn all worldly honors, and vain glory, and ever desire to be contemned, despised , and counted most abject, saying with the Apostle: rejoice in mine infirmities . O sweet Jesus, give me from hence forth, a hart contrite, humble, and obedient to thy holy commandments. 

Give me a heart according to this thine own hart, which may be transpierced with such ardent charity, and cordial compassion, that I may be always mindful of thee, study to please thee, ever to repose in thee, and never to be separated from thee.

Amen. Pater Noster. Ave Maria, Credo. FINIS. 

Seven Effusions Of Our Saviors Blood: 

Agony In The Garden 
Clothed With Purple Mantle 
Crowning With Thorns Carrying Of The Cross 
Nailing To The Cross
Lance Was Thrust Into His Side


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