MASSYS, Quentin
Ecce Homo 

Behold, my soul, your God!See to what a condition his love for you has brought him that he might satisfy, in his own person, for your sins, and suffer the punishment due for them. If you ask him who it was that crowned him with that dolorous diadem? He will answer you, Behold the Man, yourself, your pride and desire of appearing. If, who put ragged garment on his shoulders? Behold the Man, yourself, by your luxury and love of fine apparel. If, who put the reed into his hand? Behold the Man, yourself, by your unsteadiness in good, and inconstancy in your resolutions to serve him. If who tore and rent his Sacred Body? Behold the Man, yourself, by your detracting tongue, and lessening the reputation and good name of others.

O my God! Must those sins which I have committed so easily and lightly cost you so much? Was so great a penalty due to me for them? Yes, my soul, while we were sporting in the streets of Babylon, sentence of death was pronounced against us in the Royal Chamber; whereupon the only begotten Son of God, casting away his diadem, with ashes sprinkled on his head, barefoot, and weeping, went to the place of execution, and offered himself to die instead of his Servant. What an excess of goodness! And shall we, after this, still mock and scoff at his tears? Shall we, with the perfidious Jews, give sentence against him by our sins? Crying , with them, Take away and crucify him! 

Be confounded! and falling at his feet, beg pardon for having ever done it, and resolve, with his Grace, never to do so any more; but to make him for the future the only object of your Love, and your only recourse in distress. When in affliction, say to yourself, Behold the Man, who is the only one that can comfort me. When attacked with fear, say Behold the Man, in whom I trust and confide, and will ever do so. In sufferings  and pains think on his, and unite yours with them; and so likewise in all difficulties have recourse to that God man, and keep close to him for time and for eternity.



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