Third Sunday After Easter GOSPEL John 16:16 The Wednesday Meditation

John 16: 16-22
At that time Jesus said to His disciples: A little while, and now you shall not see Me: and again a little while, and you shall see Me: because I go to the Father. Then some of His disciples said one to another: What is this that He saith to us: A little while, and you shall not see Me: and again a little while, and you shall see Me, and, Because I go to the Father? They said therefore: What is this that He saith, A little while? We know not what He speaketh. And Jesus knew that they had a mind to ask Him. And He said to them: Of this do you inquire among yourselves, because I said: A little while, and you shall not see Me: and again a little while, and you shall see Me? Amen, amen, I say to you, that you shall lament and weep, but the world shall rejoice: and you shall be made sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned into joy. A woman, when she is in labor, hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but when she hath brought forth the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world. So also you now indeed have sorrow: but I will see you again and your heart shall rejoice: and your joy no man shall take from you.


AS the disciples here thought it to great an "...º.º. vnbeſeeming the Majesty of God, such as they believed Christ to be, to suffer such wrongs and contumelies, such torments and death it self, and such an ignominious and base death, as that of the cross, at the hands of his creatures, and S.Peter for the like and for dissuading him from it, deſtrueda sharp reprehension, as aforesaid: so be there many now that think much the servants and children of God should suffer injuries, afflictions, miseries, persecutions, and the like, and  the wicked should flourish and proſper, and to use our Savior Christ his own words here, that they should weep, and the world rejoice and be merry : for though these words Christ spake directly of his death and reſurreótić, meaning that at his death the disciples should be sorry and weep, and the Jews should rejoice, and at his reſur- reótion the Jews should be sorry,and the disciples glad, yet is it also meant of the whole life and state of the children & servants of God, and of the world, that is to ſay, the servants and lovers of the world, to wit, that the children of God ordinarily should have afflictions in this life, and joy in the next, the children of the world proſperi- ty and joy in this life, & sorrow in the next, as is said of Lazara; Lee and the rich Glutton in the wº Gospel. 

At this ſome haue of. tentimes ſtumbled, and ſome- times fallen alsº , in ſo much 2A that

1oo The 111. Somday that the Prophet Dawid was faine to giue vs a caueat there- Pºl. 14. of, ſaying , Do not emalate, or " " thincke much at the ºff. of the wicked, and ſheweth reaſons for it. 

But as Chriſt ſharpely re- prehended S. Peter ſaying, ſome afterme Sathan,that is to ſay ad- uerſary of my death, which I muſt dye:ſo theſe men are to be j, reprehended, & eſtee- medas aduerſaries vnto the way of ſaluation, for the Scripture ſayth, that by many tribulations Aa. 14 we maft enter into the Kingdome '*' ofbeawen.Happy is the man, ſayth .james, that is tryed with triba- us. 1. lation, be thali reteau, thereby a ".. º. crowse of glory which God hath promiſed to them that lose him,ſo well as to imbrace tribulations for his ſake, and to help him carry his croſſe with Simon of Cyrene, he being as it were wea- ryed there with , whles we aſſiſt him . God chaſiſeth, ſayth the ... Scripture, ºwery child he rºcee- actº, and the better child he º EnC

after Eaſter. To r the more he is tryed with tri- bulation : and whereas ſome thincke it an ill ſigne of the loue of God towards them,it is the principall marke thereofif they patiently ſuſtaine it...S.As- gaffine ſay th of it to God; giue me O Lord ſtrength to beare what thou layeft vpon me, and lay as much as thou wilt, for ſo I ſhall gaine well by the bar- aine. 

Musicians play moſt upon the highest strings to shew their skill, God playeth with tribulation and affliction, moſt upon thoſe that are higheſt in his fa- uour, to ſhew his power, and goodnes upon them.

A Plaine Path-Way To Heaven By Fr.Thomas Hill 1634


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