Russian Civil War: Putin Fled Moscow Lands In St. Petersburg.

Looks like Putin will declare north of St Petersburg the seat of his empire.

Has Putin fled Moscow already? Reports claim plane linked to Russia's leader flew north 'then switched off its transponder' after Wagner Group boasted: 'Soon we will have a new president'

A presidential plane linked to Vladimir Putin flew north from Moscow towards Tver and switched off its transponder, according to multiple reports. Other business jets were seen making an exodus from the capital towards St Petersburg. Earlier there were reports from Ukrainian intelligence indicating Putin had left from Moscow by helicopter for his palace at Valdai, between Moscow and St Petersburg. It comes as a sinister message posted on the Wagner Telegram channel on Saturday said: 'Putin made the wrong choice. All the worse for him. 'Soon we will have a new president.' Sources close to Putin insisted he was working in the Kremlin - an unusual location for him except for short visits. Source


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