CIA Burns Back From Summer Vacation Sent A Cable....But I Won't Fall This Time With Godspeed I'll Heed The Signs..

I'ma shine a light in your eyes (look away) 
You'll probably shine it back on me 
But I won't fall this time 
With Godspeed I'll heed the signs..

So what’s the difference between a modern-day cable and an e-mail? It has more to do with content than method of delivery. Both travel from computer to computer, but e-mails are reserved for person-to-person messages that are not intended for, or not of interest to, anyone but the addressees. Cables, on the other hand, usually contain more important information that’s meant to be accessible to other diplomatic and military staff with the appropriate security clearance. As such, every electronic message that’s classified as a cable is uploaded into a database for permanent storage. When drafting a cable, a sender can specify where the information should be saved, depending on its sensitivity. (Confidential messages, for example, end up in a networked database called ClassNet.) Put simply, if you want to send a personal note to Hillary Clinton about the agenda for next week’s meeting, you’d use an e-mail. If you’re transmitting an assessment of the Afghan elections, you’d send a cable. Source

See what signs happen this weekend...


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