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Holy Family & Various Nations Will Be Annihilated


And it came to pass, that in those days there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that the whole world should be enrolled. This enrolling was first made by Cyrinus, the governor of Syria. And all went to be enrolled, every one into his own city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth into Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem: because he was of the house and family of David, To be enrolled with Mary his espoused wife, who was with child.

"Here you shall be-awhile-a visitor;
but you shall be with me-and without end-
Rome's citizen, the Rome in which Christ is
Roman; and thus, to profit that world which
lives badly, watch the chariot steadfastly
and, when you have returned beyond, transcribe
what you have seen." Thus, Beatrice;
— Purgatorio xxxii

"If My requests are not heeded,
various nations will be annihilated."
"If My requests are granted,
many souls will be saved.&…

Because The World Is Perfidious, I Am Going Into Mourning

'Because the world is perfidious, I am going into mourning'
BRUEGEL, Pieter the Elder
The Misanthrope

The Dutch inscription reads: 'Because the world is perfidious, I am going into mourning'. The moral of the painting is that such a relinquishment of the world is not possible: one must face up to the world's difficulties, not abandon responsibility for them. The hooded misanthrope is being robbed by the small figure in a glass ball, a symbol of vanity. His action shows how impossible it is to give up the world. The misanthrope is also walking unawares towards the mantraps set for him by the world. He cannot renounce it as he would wish, and he is contrasted with the shepherd in the background who guards his sheep and who is more virtuous than the misanthrope because of his simple, honourable performance of his duties, his sense of responsibility towards his charges. Web Gallery of Art

How far removed is the traditionalist & distributist mentality from the menta…

Do You Know The Enemy, Do You Know Your Enemy, Well Gotta Know The Enemy

And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell. Mt 10:28

Do you know the enemy
Do you know your enemy
Well gotta know the enemy

Violence is an energy
Against the enemy
Well violence is an energy

Bringing on the fury the choir infantry
Revolt against the honor to obey

Overthrow the effigy
The vast majority
We're burning down the foreman of control

Silence is the enemy
Against your urgency
so rally up the demons of your soul

Insurgency will rise,
When the blood's been sacrificed
Don't be blinded by the lies
In your eyes.

Well, violence is an energy
From here to Eternity
Violence is an energy
Silence is the enemy
So give me, give me revolution!
Green Day
Revolt against the honor to obey

Fear him that can destroy both soul and body: which of course is yourself. Only by rejecting God’s grace can one destroy his own soul and damn himself. No one can destroy your soul, only you can do this. You are your own worst …

The Habsburgs' New Empire The Princess And The Bear ~ The Economist

Gabriela Maria Charlotte Felicitas Elisabeth Antonia von Habsburg-Lothringen, Princess Imperial and Archduchess of Austria, Princess Royal of Hungary and Bohemia

From The Economist

The Habsburgs' New Empire

The Princess And The Bear

Europe’s aristocracy, alive and kicking

Feb 18th 2010 From The Economist print edition

GEORGIA struggles to make its case in Germany, which sees trade ties with Russia as vital and the ex-Soviet Caucasian republic as troublesome. So who better to burnish Georgia’s image there than a German-educated Habsburg? Georgia’s new ambassador to Berlin, once she presents her credentials to the president next month, will be Gabriela Maria Charlotte Felicitas Elisabeth Antonia von Habsburg-Lothringen, princess Imperial and Archduchess of Austria, Princess Royal of Hungary and Bohemia. A name like that, says Georgia’s president Mikheil Saakashvili, should open doors.

The towering figure on the Berlin diplomatic scene is the Russian ambassador to Germany, Vladimir Kotenev,…

Adversary To Roman Imperial Rule: Cleopatra

RENI, Guido
The Death of Cleopatra

Because of it, sad Cleopatra weeps
still; as she fled that standard, from the asp
she drew a sudden and atrocious death.
Paradiso vi

Short history on one of those enemies to the Roman Imperial Rule who met with a tragic end: Toynbee "Cleopatra"
Cleopatra VII, queen of Egypt, daughter of Ptolemy XI Auletes, celebrated for her beauty. At the death of her father (51 B.C.) she became joint sovereign with her brother Ptolemy XII, but was expelled from the throne by the guardians of the latter. Replaced upon the throne by Julius Caesar, she did not occupy it, but joined him in Rome (46-44 B.C.), where she had a son, Caesarion. Caesar died in 44 B.C.; after Philippi (42), she met Antony in Cilicia and became his mistress; he deserted her (40), but she rejoined him at Antioch (36), and was present with him at the Battle of Actium, where he was defeated by Octavianus (Augustus). She then fled to Alexandria, and Antony followed her; having heard a fa…

Dante Alighieri: Epic Poet, Ass Kicker

Dante Alighieri: Epic Poet, Ass Kicker
by Benjamin Popper

"Will the new video-game version of Dante's Inferno prove the perfect model for introducing readers to difficult classics?"
Of course the article is about the video game. One of the irritating things about the game is just this:
"the image of the poet as a battle-scarred crusader is now the top search result for Dante on Google, Youtube and even Amazon Books. For anyone casually searching out the Inferno, the digital Dante has displaced the original."

Google Alert for Dante Alighieri or the Divine Comedy and most of the results are all on the video game. On a better note the game may generate more interest in the Poem:
"Indeed, among the game's more than 18,000 Facebook friends, many are expressing an interest in the original poem."
“The hope is that the game will lead people back to the poem.”
The Purpose of the Roman Catholic Imperialist is to bring to the attention of others the merit of Dante&#…

Request For Father Nicholas Gruner & Father Paul Kramer: Tell Us Who Is Your German Priest/Mystic That Prophesied World War III To Start In 2008?

Fox 04/22/1952

But I chastise my body, and bring it into subjection: lest perhaps, when I have preached to others, I myself should become a castaway. St. Paul

From the Fatima Crusader 82 Page 11 Spring 2006:
World War III and Worse?
The Fatima Crusader Interviews Father Paul Kramer

Father Kramer: 'Well, here we go beyond the firm evidence of approved apparitions and into the realm of speculation. Based on the reported prophecies of a German priest, a mystic, whose veracity is attested to by another German priest I regard as utterly trustworthy, we can surmise that the year 2008 will see the outbreak of war and 2011 the Consecration of Russia and the beginning of the period of peace spoken of by Our Lady of Fatima. The period of chastisement may continue past 2011, but by 2013 the chastisement will have ended and this may be the actual year of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart'

Upcoming May 2010 conference to be held in Rome: Fatima Challenge

Speakers at the symposium include Father…

Don't Test Me, Second Guess Me, Protest Me, You Will Disappear

Thanks Dante!

Funeral Mass for Archduchess Regina of Austria

Photo from

From Netty's Royalty Page ROYAL NEWS: FEBRUARY 2010:

The funeral service of Archduchess Regina of Austria took place this morning at the Parish Church St. Pius in Pöcking am Starnberger See, Austria. Her husband Archduke Otto didn't attend because of health problems. More than 400 people attended the service. Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg said in his speech: "She was the heart of her family. She had a noble character, was modest and motherly." During the service all seven children said a prayer. Also a letter of condolence from Pope Benedict XVI was read. A grandson of the deceased, Count Philipp von Neipperg, was master of ceremony and received all guests. Among the guests were among others, apart from many members of the family, the Duke of Bragança, Duke of Bavaria, Fürst Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe, Duke Friedrich von Württemberg, Margravinne Valerie von Baden, Lady Nicholas Windsor, Prince Alexander of Saxony, and Prince He…

Unmasking the Austrian School II

Agless She-Wolf whose greed,
whose never-sated appetite, has claimed
more victims than all other beasts of prey!

Purgatorio XX

From The Remnant:
Ludwig von Mises versus Christ, the Gospel and the Church (An Open Letter to Tom Woods)

From Chapter 29 of Socialism

1. Jesus’ preaching of a Kingdom to come destroys all social ties:

The expectation of God’s own reorganization when the time came and the exclusive transfer of all action and thought to the future Kingdom of God, made Jesus’s teaching utterly negative. He rejects everything that exists without offering anything to replace it. He arrives at dissolving all existing social ties….

2. Jesus is like the Bolshevists:

…His zeal in destroying social ties knows no limits. The motive force behind the purity and power of this complete negation is ecstatic inspiration and enthusiastic hope of a new world. Hence his passionate attack upon everythin…

The South African Representative Head of Modern Democracy President Zuma And The Depravity Of The Modern Democratic Spirit

Triumphant Dance of Modern Democracy Over The Grave Of The Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor: But by the envy of the devil, death came into the world: And they follow him that are of his side.

King Solomon has already written down for us in the book of Wisdom the bad behavior expected of the representative heads of modern democracy. The sole endeavor of these modern political men is to enjoy life at the expense of the others and engage in all sorts of criminal depravity. Wisdom then prophesied the coming conflict between the depraved representative heads of modern democracy and Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. Lady Wisdom first sets out to describe the depraved mentality and the vain reasonings of these representative heads of modern democracy then proceeds to describe their animosity toward the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor and their persecution of the just, especially the Holy Roman Emperor. Compare the Just Laws and g…

Dante’s ‘Skinny Bitches, Well Trained And Obedient’ Corner: South African Catholic Bishops' Conference Condemns South African President Jacob Zuma

The South African Represenative Head of Modern Democracy President Zuma’s Dance Moves

Roman Catholics criticise Zuma's behaviour

The South African Catholic Bishops' Conference on Friday criticised South African President Jacob Zuma and decried the use of culture to "defend bad moral behaviour".

"The [conference] expresses its strongest concern of the scandalous behaviour of leaders who shamelessly flout the norms of morality and decency, accepted and expected by the vast majority of people," the Archbishop of Durban, Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, said in a statement.

"We deplore the attempts to excuse or even defend bad moral behaviour in the name of 'culture'."

Zuma has in past weeks been criticised for having a child out of wedlock.

Last week, he offered an apology to South Africans and his party, the African National Congress.

In 2006, Zuma was criticised when, during his rape trial and acquittal, he said he had had unprotected sex with an HIV-posi…

I Can Take The Trouble Cos I'm 60 Feet Tall ~ A Simple Protest Against The New World Order

‘No nation, no kingdom, which once subjected itself to the Roman Empire can rebel against its obedience or draw back from subjection to it without offence to God.’ Juan de Torquemada Work In Honour Of The Roman Empire And The Roman Lords

A simple protest against the New World Order for those who have a flag pole: 'Please don't forget to fly the flag of the Holy Roman Empire ABOVE the flag of your particular country. If the neighbors complain, reassure them of prayers for their conversion to the One, True Faith outside of which there is no salvation.' This good idea was suggested by Ask StPhilomena on Angelqueen .org

See the thread First Traditional Catholic Country!!!

I Can Take The Trouble Cos I'm 60 Feet Tall ~ The Dead Weather

Nuclear Annihilation In Order To Restore All Things In Christ

AACHEN, Hans von

The slothful man saith: There is a lion without, I shall be slain in the midst of the streets. Proverbs 22:13

A new featured corner on the Roman Catholic Imperialist dedicated to all those Roman Catholic Traditionalists who have placed all their hopes on Nuclear Annihilation in order to bring about the restoration of all things in Christ. Since the world has not witnessed the desired nuclear annihilation, you now have the opportunity to vote for your favorite mushroom cloud that you would have liked to be annihilated by. You can find this new feature at the bottom of this blog to the right just below the picture of Ms. Paris Hilton. Please vote for your favorite way to go! Pictures from Mushroom Cloud Picture Gallery

Correct Understanding Of Our Lady Of Fatima’s Words: "Various Nations Would Be Annihilated"

Full size map of the Roman Empire AD 1500

Our Lady’s words: “The war is going to end: but if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the Pontificate of Pius XI.”

1. “The war is going to end:” Our Lady spoke of World War I

2. “a worse one will break out during the Pontificate of Pius XI.” Our Lady spoke of World War II

3. “The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated.”

The words of Our Lady "various nations will be annihilated" refer to the various nations that once made up the Holy Roman Empire (Austrian-Hungarian Empire) and now are annihilated from the face of the earth. At the time of the apparition of Our Lady in 1917, these Roman Catholic nations still existed, but by 1960 these nations of the once Holy Roman Empire (Austrian-Hungarian Empire) no longer existed, in effect, these various nations were annihilated from the face of the earth. These nations have been annihilated from the face…

Bishop Richard Williamson & The Failed Prophecy Of The Third World War

6/24/1957 Pricilla

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall seduce many. Mt 24:11

Dearly beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits if they be of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.1 Jn 4:1

Fasten Seatbelts
Eleison Comments XIX

Prepare to fasten your seat-belts for the year 2008! It is always risky to announce dates for dramatic events in the future, because if they do not then happen, the doom-dater has only discredited himself. However, there is a triple convergence for next year which may be at least an “orange alert.”

First and foremost there is the pressure building towards a Third World War, which may well be the beginning of the long-deserved chastisement of a globe turning its back on God. On the side of the United States there is an insane pressure group beating the war-drums for an attack upon Iran, when more and more now know that the disastrous attack upon Iraq was only made possible by fraud (9/11) and lies (WMD). On the side of Russi…

Dante’s Inferno: Do Classic Poems Make Great Videogames? ~ WSJ

Count Ugolino

'I dreamed of this one here as Lord and huntsman,
pursing the wolf and the cubs up the mountain
(which blocks the sight of Lucca from the Pisans).

And skinny bitches, well trained and obedient;
he had out in front as leaders of the pack
Gualandi with Sismondi and Lanfranchi.

A short run, and the father with his sons
Seemed to grow tired, and then I thought
I saw Long fangs sunk deep into their sides,
ripped open'
Inferno xxxiii

Dante’s Inferno: Do Classic Poems Make Great Videogames?.

While filmmakers are no stranger to literary adaptation, videogame designers have not leaped to translate the classic novels and poems into their medium. Jonathan Knight, executive producer of the coming Dante’s Inferno, thinks that’s a mistake. Developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts, the videogame is loosely based on the first part of Dante’s epic poem “The Divine Comedy” and follows a veteran of the Third Crusade as he fights to free his beloved Beatrice from…

The Edict of Milan, and the Modern Understanding of Justice

The Vision of St Helena
c. 1580
Oil on canvas, 166 x 134 cm
Pinacoteca, Vatican

Impressive article on the Edict of Milan from the Russian Orthodox

The Edict of Milan, and the Modern Understanding of Justice

Mohammed Is In Hell: The Real Reason Why The United Arab Emirates Has Banned Dante’s Inferno Video Game

"See how I split myself!
See now how maimed Mohammed is

From Gameslatest: Middle East avoids Dante’s Inferno

The above article claims that the Middle East has banned Electronic Arts’ Dante’s Inferno videogame because “consumer tastes preferences, platform mix and other factors.” Other factors? Yeah, other factors, such as the Divine Poet Dante placing the false prophet Mohammed in the pit of Hell. Why would Islam want to help promote among its followers a videogame loosely based on the Divine Comedy that places their false prophet in Hell? But hey, this is business no need to mention the unmentionables, such as why Dante places the false prophet Mohammed in the pit of Hell. So for all you who play the game but do not have a clue to what the Sacred Poem actually is all about, here is the Inferno Canto XXVIII:

No barrel, even though it's lost a hoop
or end- piece, ever gapes as one whom I
saw ripped right from his chin to where we fart:
his bowels hung between his legs, one saw
his v…

Poster Boy For Restoring All Things In Christ By The Use Of The Ballot Box

Democratically elected South African President Jacob Zuma Five Wives! Twenty Children and counting!

The Ballot Box Is The Chosen Instrument To Bring About The Restoration Of All Things In Christ By The Majority Of Roman Catholics

Dante’s ‘Skinny Bitches, Well Trained And Obedient’ Corner Welcomes South African President Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma casting his vote in the South African Elections May 6, 2009

Move over Silvio Berlusconi there’s a new bitch in town. South African President Jacob Zuma and his five wives! That’s right the people of South Africa democratically elected a polygamist to the highest office as there head of state. Elected President of South Africa on 6 May 2009. “There are plenty of politicians who have mistresses and children they hide so as to pretend to be monogamous. I prefer to be open. I love my wives.” South African President Jacob Zuma. Here is a list of his five wives:

Nompumelelo Ntuli

Gertrude Sizakele Khumalo

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State meets with Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma South African Foreign Minister Treaty Room Washington, DC March 19, 2009

SECRETARY CLINTON: Good afternoon. And it’s a special treat to welcome not only the foreign minister, but someone who I’ve had the privilege of meeting before, and looking forward now to work together in our new ca…

Lech Walesa: "The World Has No Leadership"

Lech Walesa's Warning for America

WALESA (via translator): The United States is only one superpower. Today they lead the world. Nobody has doubts about it. Militarily. They also lead economically but they're getting weak. But they don't lead morally and politically anymore. The world has no leadership. The United States was always the last resort and hope for all other nations. There was the hope, whenever something was going wrong, one could count on the United States. Today, we lost that hope.

“The world has no leadership” according to Lech Walesa, it is rather obvious to most. But what to do about it? If America no longer leads the rest of the world morally and politically then where is this moral and political authority to be found? Is it found in the United Nations? No. How about with the European Union president Herman Van Rompuy? No. Maybe Pope Benedict XVI is right that there is urgent need of a true world political authority that will have the follo…

Bishop Williamson is back -- doubting Holocaust, bashing Israel USA Today

Take me up, and cast me into the sea, and the sea shall be calm to you: for I know that for my sake this great tempest is upon you. Prophecy of Jonas I

Bishop Williamson is back -- doubting Holocaust, bashing Israel

John of Salisbury on the prophecy of Jonas:

Jonah, to prevent shipwreck, made shipwreck of himself, and preferred to perish alone rather than involve others in his perils; yet he had not undertaken the duty and care of ruling the ship. Salomon drew the inference of maternal affection from the fact that she preferred to surrender her child to the falsehood of the harlot rather than see it divided. But these men prefer to put the Church in peril and see it torn asunder rather than refrain from usurping honor and bringing disgrace upon innocent Mother Church. "This woman," said Salomon, "is its mother, because from love she refuses to have it divided." On the contrary, he is a stepson who "Searches with steel the vitals of his mother." POLICRATICUS …

Why Could The Fire Of The Final Conflagration Not Just As Easily Consume The Whole Universe, Rather Than Simply 'Earth?"

The Fall of Phaeton
c. 1533
Black chalk, 41,3 x 23,4 cm

In Greek mythology Phaeton was the son of Helios, the sun-god. Helios drove his golden chariot, a 'quadriga' yoked to a team of four horses abreast, daily across the sky. Phaeton persuaded his unwilling father to allow him for one day to drive his chariot across the skies. Because he had no skill he was soon in trouble, and the climax came when he met the fearful Scorpion of the zodiac. He dropped the reins, the horses bolted and caused the earth itself to catch fire. In the nick of time Jupiter, father of the goods, put a stop to his escapade with a thunderbolt which wrecked the chariot and sent Phaeton hurtling down in flames into the River Eridanus (according to some, the Po). He was buried by nymphs. Phaetons's reckless attempt to drive his father's chariot made him the symbol of all who aspire to that which lies beyond their capabilities.Web Gallery of Art

John has a question on the post fo…

Death of Archduchess Regina von Habsburg & the Fatima Secret

Before giving the sealed envelope containing the third part of the “secret” to the then Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Sister Lucia wrote on the outside envelope that it could be opened only after 1960, either by the Patriarch of Lisbon or the Bishop of Leiria. Archbishop Bertone therefore asked: “Why only after 1960? Was it Our Lady who fixed that date?” Sister Lucia replied: “It was not Our Lady. I fixed the date because I had the intuition that before 1960 it would not be understood, but that only later would it be understood. Now it can be better understood. I wrote down what I saw; however it was not for me to interpret it, but for the Pope.Sister Lucia Thursday, 27 April 2000 Meeting with Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Good article on Archduchess Regina von Habsburg, it makes mention that Otto von Habsburg was barred from entering Austria until 1966. The reason for his exile is found in the declaration dated 31 May 1961,in which…

Regina von Habsburg Died February 3, 2010

Archduke Otto von Habsburg-Lorraine (*1912) married Princess Regina von Sachsen-Meiningen (*1925), at the Church of the Cordeliers, in Nancy (France), on May 10th, 1951. Royal Forums

From Earth Times
Vienna/Poecking, Germany - The wife of Otto von Habsburg, son of the last Austrian emperor, died on Wednesday morning at the age of 85, her family said in a statement. Regina von Habsburg died at the family home in Poecking in the German state of Bavaria. She had been suffering from heart problems for some time, the family said.

She was born in 1925 as Princess of Saxe-Meiningen in Wuerzburg and was a social worker before marrying her husband in 1951.

Otto von Habsburg, 97, the eldest son of the last Austrian emperor and king of Hungary Charles, has handed over the role of head of the family to his oldest son Karl.

The former imperial family entered the spotlight in the fall when one of its members, Ulrich Habsburg-Lothringen, declared he wants to run for Austrian president in the upcoming ele…

Mafia investment 'gave Silvio Berlusconi his big break'

MAGNASCO, Alessandro
Sacrilegious Robbery

Should this surprise anyone?

From Telegraphco.u.k.: Mafia investment 'gave Silvio Berlusconi his big break'

The Mafia invested heavily in a 1970s housing project which gave Silvio Berlusconi his big break in business, an Italian court heard.

By Nick Squires in Rome
Published: 7:00AM GMT 03 Feb 2010

The allegation that Sicily's Cosa Nostra helped finance the project was made in a Palermo court by Massimo Ciancimino, the son of a Mafia don who was close to the head of the Sicilian mafia's "boss of bosses", Bernardo Provenzano.

He claimed in court his father, Vito Ciancimino, along with two Mafiosi connected to the building industry, invested "dirty money" through front companies into Mr Berlusconi's sprawling housing estate on the edge of Milan.

There has been intense speculation as to how the young Mr Berlusconi, who came from a modest middle class family, raised the capital to fund the construction of the amb…