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SSPX Bishop Bernard Fellay To Appear On Same Stage With Ex-SSPX Fr Giulio Maria Tam's Disciple & Terrorist Roberto Fiore At The Fatima Path To Peace Conference???

Disciple Roberto Fiore & Master Father Giulio Maria Tam
Just announced by Fr Gruner that Bishop Bernard Fellay is to appear at Fr. Gruner's annual money making conference on Fatima. see here
OK.... maybe I am an idiot and I got things very, very, very, wrong.......but then again I bet not!
Something is not right here. Either Fr. Gruner has counted his chickens before they were hatched (like his all his plots) or Bishop Fellay hasn't a clue into what he has gotten himself into.
Either way this news is bad news, very bad news.
So one of two things will happen - either Fr. Gruner will issue some sort of retraction stating that indeed Bishop Fellay will not be able to attend the conference or that Mr. Roberto Fiore will not be in attendance - Either - Or - no in between.
But then again most traditionalists probably won't care - no other show in town & Fr Gruner has the lot of you mesmerized.
Here it is from Fr. Gruner on the appearance of Bishop Fellay & Roberto Fiore:

Liturgical Train Wreck! Pope Francis Calls The Stripped and Barren New Mass A Thing Of 'Noble Simplicity'

White Marsh, MD Train Wreck 28 May 2013
The priests, ministers of my Son, the priests, by their wicked lives, by their irreverence and their impiety in the celebration of the holy mysteries, by their love of money, their love of honors and pleasures, and the priests have become cesspools of impurity. Yes, the priests are asking vengeance, and vengeance is hanging over their heads. Woe to the priests and to those dedicated to God who by their unfaithfulness and their wicked lives are crucifying my Son again! The sins of those dedicated to God cry out towards Heaven and call for vengeance, and now vengeance is at their door, for there is no one left to beg mercy and forgiveness for the people. There are no more generous souls; there is no one left worthy of offering a stainless sacrifice to the Eternal for the sake of the world. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept.1846(Published by Mélanie 1879)“God will strike in an unprecedented way. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept.1846(Published by Mélanie …

Party Of One! The Forerunner To The Antichrist Fails To Form Political Party!

ABB "To be an association, you need to have two people or more ... and in this case, there's only Breivik," Mette Siri Broenmo Norwegian Entity Registry.
I dreamed of this one here as Lord and huntsman,
pursing the wolf and the cubs up the mountain
(which blocks the sight of Lucca from the Pisans).

with skinny bitches, well trained and obedient;
he had out in front as leaders of the pack
Gualandi with Sismondi and Lanfranchi.

A short run, and the father with his sons
seemed to grow tired, and then I thought I saw
long fangs sunk deep into their sides, ripped open.
Inferno xxxiii

"A forerunner of the Antichrist, with his troops drawn from many nations, will wage war against the true Christ, sole Savior of the world; he will shed much blood and will seek to annihilate the cult of God so as to be regarded as a god." Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846(Published by Mélanie 1879)“J.M.J.
The third part of the secret revealed at the Cova da Iria-Fatima, on 13 July 1917.
I w…

Mount Etna & Saint Alphonsus Liguori's First Discourse On Natural Calamities & Divine Threats: At The First Blow Of His Thundering Sword, The Mountains And All Nature Will Tremble In Terror!

Mount Etna 26 May 2013 22:38
Very Quiet "At the first blow of His thundering sword, the mountains and all Nature will tremble in terror, for the disorders and crimes of men have pierced the vault of the heavens." Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept.1846(Published by Mélanie 1879)
FIRST DISCOURSE:God Threatens to Chastise Us in Order to Deliver Us from Chastisement
"Ah, I will comfort Myself over My adversaries: and I will be revenged of my enemies." -----Isa. 1:24.
Such is the language of God, when speaking of punishment and vengeance: He says that He is constrained by His justice to take vengeance on His enemies. But, mark you, He begins with the word Heu, "Ah:" this word is an exclamation of grief by which He would give us to understand, that if He were capable of weeping when about to punish, He should weep bitterly at being compelled to afflict us His creatures, whom He has loved so dearly as to give up His life through love for us. " 'Alas'…

Evil Portent For NASA Fulfilled! U.S. GOES - 13 Weather Satellite That Tracks The East Coast And Atlantic Hurricanes Is Broken! Again!

The Satellites Are Falling! The Satellites Are Falling! "Let the Pope beware of miracle workers, for the time has come for the most astonishing wonders to take place on the earth and in the air" Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846(Published by Mélanie 1879)
Three Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) shot into space to observe weather has failed. which one? maybe the same one that failed last year - it failed about a month before hurricane sandy hit the east coast.

Most of what I posted last year in September when the other GOES satellite failed applies today so please re-read if you already did or read for the first time.

But I do wonder if NOAA is trying to scare the public to help drum up support for money for the agency - maybe they want new GOES satellites? - maybe that's what this is all about? After-all there is a bill floating around out there requesting additional funds for :
WASHINGTON — A draft bill in the U.S. House of Representatives would p…

Second Evil Portent Within Two Days For Pope Francis The “Builder Of Bridges”: Highway M Bridge In Rockview, Missouri Collapses!

Highway M Overpass Rockview, Missouri “A Christian,” said Pope Francis, “must proclaim Jesus Christ in such a way that He be accepted: received, not refused – and Paul knows that he has to sow the Gospel message. He knows that the proclamation of Jesus Christ is not easy, but that it does not depend on him. He must do everything possible, but the proclamation of Jesus Christ, the proclamation of the truth, depends on the Holy Spirit. Jesus tells us in today's Gospel: ‘When He shall come, the Spirit of truth, shall guide you into all the truth.’ Paul does not say to the Athenians: ‘This is the encyclopedia of truth. Study this and you have the truth, the truth.’ No! The truth does not enter into an encyclopedia. The truth is an encounter - it is a meeting with Supreme Truth: Jesus, the great truth. No one owns the truth. The we receive the truth when we meet [it].  Pope Francis The Destroyer! Vatican Radio
“The Christian who would bring the Gospel must go down this road: [must] liste…

5:15 Say Your Prayers NASA!

Peace Love & Astronauts Astronots!
“All the universe will be struck with terror and many will let themselves be lead astray because they have not worshipped the true Christ who lives among them. It is time; the sun is darkening; only faith will survive. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846(Published by Mélanie 1879)

“The seasons will be altered, the earth will produce nothing but bad fruit, the stars will lose their regular motion, and the moon will only reflect a faint reddish glow. Water and fire will give the earth's globe convulsions and terrible earthquakes which will swallow up mountains, cities, etc...Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846(Published by Mélanie 1879)

“May the Pope guard against the performers of miracles. For the time has come when the most astonishing wonders will take place on the earth and in the air. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846(Published by Mélanie 1879)

Fr Gruner Invites Bigoted Fascists To Speak At Fatima Conference! Mario Borghezio Of Lega Nord & Roberto Fiore Of Forza Nuova!

Ex-SSPX Fr. Tam Celebrating Fascism At Tomb Of Benito Mussolini On Anniversary His of Death
Fr Gruner has lost it and gone rogue - has gone Ethno-nationalist-the Italian kind for now! Wow! To think that several Traditionally minded Roman Catholics that all of us have been reading and listening to this last twenty years or so have unmasked themselves as nothing but Nationalists bent on spreading their evil brand of Fascism!

You all got suckered in!

Fr Gurner is a fraud! Backing Ethno-nationalism? Our Lady of Fatima never endorsed Ethno-nationalism as a matter of fact Our Lady warned that the forerunner to the Antichrist will use Etho-nationalism to wage war on the Holy Roman Catholic Church:
"A precursor of the Antichrist, with his troops drawn from many nations, will wage war against the true Christ, sole Savior of the world; e will shed much blood and will seek to annihilate the cult of God so as to be regarded as a god. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846(Published by Mélanie 1879…

FUCK YOU BBC! Political Editor Of The BBC Apologies For Describing The Attackers Of British Solider As Being "Of Muslim Appearance"

MUSLIM! MUSLIM! Michael Adebolajo
You British are all fucked in the head!

It's not as if this stupid and asinine apology appeared on the very same day (May 22nd) of the attack when all the information was not available  - no this apology was posted on the BBC website the very next day when it was confirmed that the attackers were indeed Muslim scum.

I hate the British just as the next guy and wish them nothing but all the hell that they deserve, but this is just completely beyond belief. Listen up Protestant England you deserve everything that is coming your way for all the evil you and your demented and evil ancestors did to the Roman Catholics over the last 500 years. Happy anniversary! Enjoy the fruit of you cowardly rejection of the One True Faith may your Island sink slowly into the sea!

Here is the demented and unbelievable apology by a stupid son of a bitch! For this one reason alone may this idiot rot in the pit hell with all his Muslims brothers for refusing to call a thing b…

Holocaust Denying Latin Mass Attending Traditionalist Michael Adebolajo Converted Over To The Dark Side Of Islam Hacked A British Soldier To Death!

Latin Mass Attending Traditionalist New Mass Goer Michael Adebolajo & Class Mate Who Was Later Killed In Afghanistan
Marshalls Park School in Romford, Essex

Adebolajo was born on December 10, 1984, at Kings College Hospital in Lambeth, South London, and grew up in Romford, Baptized as a Roman Catholic in the new rite, received communion at the new mass, confirmed under the new rite, attended the new mass all his childhood. Adebolajo is described as coming from loving, Catholic family. Then he converted over to the dark side of Islam.

This is the fruit of his conversion to the dark side of Islam:

Latin Mass Attending Traditionalist New Mass Goer Michael Adebolajo
Blood Of British Soldier On His Hands
Now in all seriousness many Latin Mass attending Roman Catholics who deny the Holocaust end up siding with Muslims on a lot subjects regarding the Jews - even siding with the Muslims on the 9/11 conspiracy theory that 9/11 was caused by the US government and not Muslims.

But was Adebolajo i…