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Cain Was The First To Create A Merely Permitted And Tolerated Form Of Government

CRESPI, Daniele Cain Killing Abel 1618-20
Cain the killer was the first to create a man-made form of government. According to Flavius Josephus, in his Antiquities of the Jews, Cain built a city to increase his wickedness and tyrannize over others - Cain did not amend his wicked ways, he did not do penances for his crime. Flavius Josephus:
And when Cain had traveled over many countries, he, with his wife, built a city, named Nod, which is a place so called, and there he settled his abode; where also he had children. However, he did not accept of his punishment in order to amendment, but to increase his wickedness; for he only aimed to procure every thing that was for his own bodily pleasure, though it obliged him to be injurious to his neighbors. He augmented his household substance with much wealth, by rapine and violence; he excited his acquaintance to procure pleasures and spoils by robbery, and became a great leader of men into wicked courses. He also introduced a change in that way …

Countenance Of A Serial Murderer Robert Ben Rhoades And The Countenance Of Oregon University Professor Who Likens Denial Of Global Warming To Racism

Kari Norgaard Professor Of Sociology And Environmental Studies Oregon University
The wisdom of a man shineth in his countenance, and the most mighty will change his face. Eccles.viii.i.
All non-believers in the Global Warming doctrine are sick and demented - so says a professor of sociology and environmental studies at Oregon University. Professor Kari Norgaard is attending a Global Warming Conference in London the conference is called Planet Under Pressure.

Her comments directed to those deniers of Global Warming: 'This kind of cultural resistance to very significant social threat is something that we would expect in any society facing a massive threat, effective international action on climate change is being hampered by ‘weak’ responses to the crisis by both individuals and societies. We must first be aware that this resistance is happening at all levels of our society. If you have to push a heavy weight, it doesn't mean it can't be moved, but in order to push it you had b…

Muslim Cab Company Located In New York City Stole Credit Card Data From Millions Of Americans

Muslim Cabbie Praying Before Stealing Your Credit Card Info. Allahu Akbar!

Muslim are robbing you blind - robbing ten million of you stupid Americans! As one cabbie admitted 'Allah is pleased to make Americans fund Al queda and other Muslim Jihadists overseas, we steal their credit card information and steal the money, all done in the name of Allah.
Anyone riding in a New York city cab driven by a Muslim is a potential victim! Avoid all Muslim looking cabbies is the best advice the authorities have for tourists.
Avivah Litan, a security analyst at Gartner Research has said the thieves have been gather the credit card information for months - so if you were taken for a ride by a Muslim cabbie - you really were taken for a ride!
Muslims Cab Drivers Illegally Parked Outside A Mosque To Divvy Up The Stolen Credit Card Money

At Krebs on Security there are detailed updates of the massive security breach of Global Payments a credit card processor. The breach took place from January 21st to F…

Lady Gaga Responds To Muslim Cleric Cholil Ridwan "Kill The Bitch"

KILL THE BITCH Lady Gaga ‏Twitter March 15th
Lady Gaga is being bullied by a Muslim Cleric Cholil Ridwan from Indonesia and Lady Gaga is pissed about it, so much so, that she tweeted "KILL THE BITCH" on March 15th to her 20 million plus twitter followers. The Muslim cleric claims that Lady Gaga is a bad influence for Muslims to watch and listen to because of her provocative outfits that reveal her naughty parts. The Muslim Cleric wants all those 25,000 Muslims who have purchased tickets on March 10th to return them immediately. No word on the penalty if failure to do so. The June 3rd concert is to take place at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Senayan, Central Jakarta, Indonesia. The unwanted publicity will force Lady Gaga to cancel the tour.

Lady Gaga's promoter Michael Rusli, the president director of promoter Big Daddy Production said he wanted to meet with Cholil Ridwan the chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI). The meeting has yet to be scheduled but cha…

Mark Shea Falls Down And Worships The Vagina & Turns It Into A Golden Calf

COURBET, Gustave
The Origin of the World
Completely bizarre and really, really unnecessary. Roman Catholic?????? Mark Shea the worshiper of the vagina has crawled out of his filthy dungeon all excited, hot and bothered, and giddy to declare to all the world that he wants women Cardinals! That's right! the Roman Catholic???? blogger has waited 15 years! to come out and declare that there should  be and must be woman Cardinals! Mark Shea has just declared to the world that he no longer worships God as a Roman Catholic, but instead, he now worships the vagina as a heretic. The vagina to him is all important, so much so, that he demands that the Roman Catholic Church also concede to his demands that every Roman Catholic worships the vagina as he does. He wants woman Cardinals, again, Mark Shea wants woman Cardinals! How any man in his right mind to desire and to demand such a thing??? Truly remarkable that there are many who side with this demented pervert. Mark Shea has lost it i…