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The Muslim Glasgow City Bin Lorry Driver & His Muslim Family Under Police Protection Whisked Away To Undisclosed Location Set Up With New Identities!

Where Are You Headed, Cowboy? Nowhere Special. Nowhere Special. I Always Wanted To Go There. Come On.

Oh To All The People That I Might Have Offended You Probably Needed It, So Take Your Cake And Eat It!

Hey Glaswegians! Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge & Her Royal TITS Have Their Total Freedom & Independence & You Scots Don't!

Hey Glaswegians! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Novena To The Magi In Anticipation Of The Epiphany ~ 31 December 2014

AirAsia QZ8501 Hit By Falling Space Junk/Debris All Souls Perish!

Novena To The Magi In Anticipation Of The Epiphany ~ 30 December 2014

Glasgow Riots? Glasgow Ebola Arrives From MUSLIM Sierra Leone & Glasgow Bin Lorry Deaths Caused By MUSLIM Immigrants! 28 Mosques In Glasgow! & Lost Independence: How Long Before The Rock Throwing Begins?

Novena To The Magi In Anticipation Of The Epiphany ~ 29 December 2014

"IT IS THE WILL OF ALLAH" Captain Iriyanto's Father Suwarto Claims That It Is The Will Of Allah That AirAsia QZ8501 Went Down!

PHOTO: AirAsia QZ8501 First Officer Remi Emmanual Plesel BLACK MUSLIM/French National!

Grey Lady Paris Color Coordinates Her Outfit To This Blog.......

Novena To The Magi In Anticipation Of The Epiphany ~ 28 December 2014

UPDATE: Muslim Immigrant Was The Bin Lorry Driver Of The Glasgow George Square Crash Killing Six!

Sedevacantists Are Hypocrites! Strict Observing Latin Mass Traditionalist Mel Gibson Publicly Breaking The Christmas Eve Fast & Abstinence!

Captain Iriyanto Of AirAsia QZ8501 Is A MUSLIM! First Officer Remi Emmanual Plesel Is A MUSLIM/French National!

Evil Portent For World Wide Public Transportation Fulfilled! Downed AirAsia Flight QZ 8501 162 Souls Perish! Hundreds Trapped On Burning Norman Atlantic Ferry. Both Accidents Caused By Muslims!

Another Muslim Pilot! AirAsia Flight QZ 8501 With 162 Souls On Board Goes Missing On Way To Singapore

PAPAL PLOT TO STEAL DOCUMENTS! Muslims Break In Castel Gandolfo On Christmas Day! Hold Mother Superior Hostage Steal Money & Take Papal Documents!

Everyone Likes The SNL's Christmas Mass Spectacular - So Why Doesn't Mel Gibson Produce A Comedy Contrasting The Latin Mass & New Mass Communities?

Putin Cancels Christmas To Save Russia & The World! Roman Catholic Traditionalists Refuse To Attend Christmas Mass In Honor Of Their Savior Vladimir Putin! Problem....The Russian Orthodox Celebrate Christmas On January 7th.....oops....

Jews At Sony Give Drunkards, Sodomites, Potheads, Atheists & Protestants Who Don't Go To Church On A Thursday A Way To Completely Ignore Christmas In Typical Jew Fashion!!

Roman Emperors Have The Last Laugh! Can't Blame Emperors For All The Wicked Prelates Appointed By The Popes! Investitures Letter of Gregory VII. To Henry IV., December 1075

If Roman Emperors Can Frame Christians For Setting Fire To The Palace Then Certainly Pope Francis Can Lay The Blame On Traditionalists As Public Enemies!

Video: FEMEN Celebrates Christmas By Spending A Night In Jail! Sextremist Iana Zhdanova Shows Her Love And Hugs Baby Jesus

Merry Christmas!

De Monarchia By Dante Alighieri Book III Chapter XVI: The Authority of the Empire Derives From God Directly.