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Hey Father Ya Didn't Give Up Your Guns For Lent? New Mass Saying Priest Sean P. Thomson Busted With .357 Magnum & 9mm Pistol Along With Pot & Booze!

Where Are You Headed, Cowboy? Nowhere Special. Nowhere Special. I Always Wanted To Go There. Come On.

And Judas Also, Who Betrayed Him, Knew The Place; Because Jesus Had Often Resorted Thither Together With His Disciples


No Fasting From Meat For King Abdullah, Obama & Muslims During Lent! See King Abdullah's 1001 Arabian Meat Spread!

Gospel For Laetare Sunday: What's In Jesus's Bug Out Bag Compared To What's In Fr. Z's Bug Out Bag!


Video: Great Roman Earthquake - Louis Verecchio

Rise, Let Us Go: Behold He Is At Hand That Will Betray Me

Guns Before Crucifixes! Not To Late To Buy Your Ammo During Lent From Fr Z's Blog! He'll Bless Your Bullets!


Prophecy Of MARIA OF THE CROSS, Victim of Jesus nee MELANIE CALVAT, Shepherdess of La Salette On The Two Doubtful Popes - Pope Benedict & Pope Francis


Pope John Paul II & Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Contrasting Virtues

And His Sweat Became As Drops Of Blood, Trickling Down Upon The Ground



My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord


University Of Illinois & NSA Team Up To Launch A Cyberattack On The Crimean Referendum Website! No, You Will Not Go To Heaven You'll Go To Champaign, Illinois!


Ricky Gervais The Atheist Anti-Catholic Comic Is The Unnamed TV Comic Who Groomed Tragic Overdose Teenager: 18-Year-Old's Mystery Death After Star Showered Him With Gifts Then Made Sexual Advances

And Being In An Agony, He Prayed The Longer


What Do Sedevacantists & Michael Voris Have In Common? Sedevacantists & Michael Voris Will Not Engage In Public Criticism Of The Pope! But Will Attack Bishops!

And There Appeared To Him An Angel From Heaven, Strengthening Him


Fatima Pope Is The Good Shepherd, Benedict Is The Hireling, Francis Is The Wolf & The Pharisees Are The New (OF) Mass Goers Who Kill The Fatima Pope!

And He Prayed The Third Time, Saying The Selfsame Word