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Christmas Novena

Another Evil Portent For Silvio Berlusconi: Walls Of Pompeii Come Crumbling Down

Silvio Berlusconi Has The Last Laugh: The New Mars Penis Is A Replica Of Berlusconi's Very Own Penis

Father Richard Perozich, A Priest Of The Diocese of San Diego Has No Problem Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils

The Tea Party Movement To Execute Persons Who Disseminate Private Governmental Documents ~ Tom Roeser

Christ In Dying Confirmed The Jurisdiction Of The Roman Empire Over All Humanity ~ Dante Alighieri De Monarchia.

Russian Democracy Has Disappeared And The Government Is An Oligarchy Run By the Security Services ~ Defense Secretary Bill Gates

Secret US Embassy Cables

"Ahmadinejad Cannot Be Trusted" ~ Italian Minister Of Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini

Neo-Ottomanism Foreign Policy Of Ahmet Davutoglu Turkish Minister Of Foreign Affairs

Rot In Hell Berlusconi: Evidence Of Italian Prime Minister Involvment In The International Sex Salve Trade

PZ Myers Is In Denial

Berlusconi's Very Own Ass-Kisser Emilio Fede Is Pummeled At Milan Restaurant La Risacca 6

But Mom I Wanted To Be The Una Lonza!

John Vennari On The Protestant Concept Of The Lesser Of Two Evils: Not For The Pope To Use, But O.K. For The Laity To Use.

Nice Bangs!

Condoms & Voting: The Lesser Of Two Evils Manifests The Hypocrisy Of The Roman Catholic Traditionalist Movement


2008 Interview With Bishop Richard Williamson On 9/11 Etc....