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Europe's Rosetta Probe Crashes Into Comet 67P & Why Traditional Catholics Reject St Thomas Aquinas & Church Doctrine On The Fire Of The Final Conflagration

DOOM NOVENA! ISIS To Target ‘Inferno’ World Premiere Set For Dante’s Birthplace Of Florence 8 OCTOBER 2016 Because Dante Places Muhammad In HELL!

....About That Daniel K. Ludwig's $45 Billion Jari Project Gold Shipment Sent To Europe In The Early 80's......

VIDEO: Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte: Only 3 Million Jews Died In Holocaust!

Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost The Gospel Matt. 22.v.1.Friday Meditation: A Plaine Path-way To Heaven Thomas Hill 1634

Meditation On The Passion: And Being In An Agony, He Prayed The Longer

100 Injured In NJ Train Crash On Cardinal's Burke's NOVENA FOR OUR NATION DAY 46

Bizarre! Just Days After Morocco's Rock Archway Crumbles To Dust On Atlantic Coast, Angela Merkel Accepts King's Invitation To Morocco!

And There Appeared To Him An Angel From Heaven, Strengthening Him

NEW VIDEO: E. Michael Jones - Understanding Michael Voris - 9/20/16

Traditionalists Fixated On The Lie That Is Akita & Dismiss La Salette?

And He Prayed The Third Time, Saying The Selfsame Word

Question 74. The Fire Of The Final Conflagration: Article 1. Whether The World Is To Be Cleansed? What About All The Man-Made Objects Left On The Moon?

Bizarre & Evil Portent! Morocco Archways Regarded As Natural Wonder At Legzira Beach, On The Atlantic Coast Crumbles Into DUST!

And He Cometh Again And Findeth Them Sleeping: For Their Eyes Were Heavy

Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost The Gospel Matt. 22.v.1.Tuesday Meditation: A Plaine Path-way To Heaven Thomas Hill 1634

American Muslim Dies Flying In The Habitat Of Demons On Saudi Arabian Airlines: Demons Accompany Damned Soul To Hell