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PRETI, Mattia  Pilate Washing his Hands  1663 The 30 Meditation of the condemnation of Christ. And Pilate seeing, that he profited nothing, but that the tumult was made grater,taking water,washed his hands before the people, saying: I am innocent the blood of this just man; Look yes to it. Pilate who was a Heathen, being moved with the touch of conscience and reason, and desirous to dismiss Christ uncondemned; the Jew begin to mutiny. Consider therefore, first, how much that afflicted the mind of Christ, that a Heathen, being a stranger from the knowledge of God, and from the Sacraments, should be carful for his delivery; and they, upon whom God had bestowed the knowledge of himself, and honored them with many Sacraments, should so tumultuously labor to have the sentence of death pronounced against him. Learn, not to marvel, if some things happen unto thee, contrary to equity and reason. Consider secondly, that the wicked do mutiny. For even as Hell is replenished with tu

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