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The Tower of Babel is the first man-made Universal Authority

Fr Giulio Tam gave a Blessing not a Roman Salute

Fr Paul Kramer And His Demons: The Failed World War III Prophecy Of The German Priest/Mystic

Dante Alighieri Canonization Monitor

Uccel di Giove (Jove’s bird ) is the Holy Roman Pontiff

Modern day political landscape simplified: Roman Imperialists are the True Sons of Adam and therefore they are the True Sons of God.

Schönborn speaks out against the leader of the Ethno-Nationalist FPÖ Heinz-Christian Strache and his use of the cross for political purposes

Roman Imperial Elector watch

Our Lady of Fatima and the vision of Sr. Lucy describing those pilgrims who made their way up a steep mountain

Strage di Bologna - The Bologna Massacre Of 1980 & Fr Giulio Tam The Bologna Mayoral Candidate For the Forza Nuova Ethno-Nationalist party.

Third secret of Fatima. The Event: The Procession, “Going Up A Steep Mountain” Florence or Rome?

The 515 International Peace Treaty prohibiting the restoration of the Habsburg Monarchy

Angry Jews against the popes visit take a lesson from the pages of Dante's Divine Comedy

Fr Giulio Tam running for Mayor of Bologna as the Forza Nuova candidate

America is not a democracy it is a republic! The only true democracy is found in America!

‘Vexilla regis prodeunt Inferni’

Aeneas: This is how you give us back our Scepter?

Prophecy Of Zacharias: The two olive trees & two sons of oil; representing The Holy Roman Emperor & the Holy Roman Pontiff

Parallels between Dante’s Vita Nuova pilgrimage and the pilgrimage of the Holy Father found in the message Our Lady of Fatima

Muslim Banner for the Popes Visit & Dante's Banner for the Muslims

Map of Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI visit to the Middle East

Pope Benedict XVI boards Airbus A-320 'Dante Alighieri' bound for Jordan