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5:15 Say Your Prayers!

Resurrection of Jesus Christ Crucified: BENVENUTO DI GIOVANNI c. 1491

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Body Of Dead Jesus Christ Crucified In The Tomb

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Pope Francis Washes The Feet Of Criminals That Will One Day Kill The Fatima Pope

Entombment: SIMONE MARTINI 1335-44

Lamentation Over The Dead Christ: GIOVANNI DI PAOLO 1430-35

Deposition From The Cross: ANGELICO, Fra 1437-40

Muslims, Infidels, Error & Vice All Have A Part With Pope Francis: If I Wash Thee Not, Thou Shalt Have No Part With Me

Jesus Christ Crucified: ALBEREGNO, Jacobello 1360-90

Pope Francis The Destroyer Washes Feet Of Two Muslims & Two Underage Girls - Video: Fr Z Must Be Mad!

Pope Francis The Destroyer To Wash The Feet Of Muslims, Underage Girls & Non Practicing Catholics!

Element Of Earth Took Vengeance On The Sins Of "Roman Catholic" Gates: Whidbey Island Falls Into The Ocean

Adam Lanza Must Have Been A Muslim Convert? Court Agrees To Redact The Name Of A Muslim Witness?

How Many Souls Will Not Receive Communion At The Hands Of Francis On Maundy Thursday Because His Mass Will Be Said In A Small Prison?

Jesus Christ Crucified: HEEMSKERCK, Maerten van 1543

Response To Those Papal Idolaters Of Francis: Why Trouble You The Woman? For She Has Wrought A Good Work Upon Me

Jesus Christ Crucified: FRANCIA, Francesco c. 1485

Pope Francis To Live In Vatican Hotel? But The Third Secret Of Fatima Is Held In A Wooden Safe In Papal Apartment Of The Apostolic Palace