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Prince Charles Believes He Has A Special Purpose To Save The World!

Steve Martin The Jerk

Daily Mail:
My duty is to save the world: Prince Charles believes he was born for a purpose

By Fay Schlesinger
Last updated at 11:56 PM on 30th July 2010

The Prince of Wales says he believes he has been placed on Earth as future King ‘for a purpose’ - to save the world.

Giving a fascinating insight into his view of his inherited wealth and influence, he said: ‘I can only somehow imagine that I find myself being born into this position for a purpose.

‘I don’t want my grandchildren or yours to come along and say to me, “Why the hell didn’t you come and do something about this? You knew what the problem was”. That is what motivates me.

‘I wanted to express something in the outer world that I feel inside... We seem to have lost that understanding of the whole of nature and the universe as a living entity.’

His impassioned comments come during a film about his belief that unbridled commerce has led to the destruction of farmland and countryside.

The documentary, called Harmony,…

Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web ~ Wired

Incognito: Number one C.I.A. spy Paris Hilton sports a brunette wig, hat and large sunglasses attempting to remain anonymous while shopping for spy gear in Paris France (Paris is the perfect spy ha ha ha....)
Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web

The investment arms of the CIA and Google are both backing a company that monitors the web in real time — and says it uses that information to predict the future.

The company is called Recorded Future, and it scours tens of thousands of websites, blogs and Twitter accounts to find the relationships between people, organizations, actions and incidents — both present and still-to-come. In a white paper, the company says its temporal analytics engine “goes beyond search” by “looking at the ‘invisible links’ between documents that talk about the same, or related, entities and events.”

The idea is to figure out for each incident who was involved, where it happened and when it might go down. Recorded Future then plots that chatter, showing o…

Lost Letter Of Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado Found In Vatican Archives

To all my grass root supporters,

Do you believe this! Just because I molested a few kids, conned 5 popes and didn't tell the truth a few times, people are condemning me like I am Judas. Oh how weak people become when they are challenged. I just hope this doesn't prolong my beatification, I mean come on people its not like I didn't do enough good to not be a saint!!! One time when I was going to the airport both my Mercedes and Audi were in the shop being repaired. I had to ride in a Fiat! A fifteen minute ride to the airport in a Fiat with no air conditioning. What if Carlos Slim woulda seen me in a Fiat! Oh the Lord is good, he protected my image. between the fact I was riding in a Fiat and sweating so much from lack of AC I bet I freed 300 souls from purgatory that day. How many of you people can say that!! But no... your just like the liberal media, you only see the negatives of my life. So I embezzled money, big deal! I got that money from some rich yuppy anyway. I did …

Legion of Christ Benefactor Carlos Slim Buys Century-Old Beaux Arts Townhouse On Fifth Avenue for $44 million

"Carlos Slim was one of the people closest to Father Maciel," Javier Moreno

$44 Million that the Legionaries will not get their hands on. The funding is drying up for the religious order who's charism was imprinted upon it by a perverted monster. How does a religious order scrub off such a charism? Is it even possible to rid the order of the charism other than destroying the whole order? Below is the article with of course no mention of Carlos Slim's tie in to the monster Father Maciel. And a question about the smart billionaire Carlos Slim, if he was close as they say he was to the perverted monster, how is it that Carlos Slim didn't notice the perverted activities of the monster? Unless of course the billionaire is a complete idiot? Or maybe...wink..wink... Well I guess the 70 year old "smart" billionaire can contemplate his close friendships with perverted scum up in his tower.

From WSJ blog metropolis

Carlos Slim Buys Fifth Ave.’s Only Private Townhou…

Paris Hilton Joins Michela Vittoria Brambilla In Being Accused Of Giving The Nazi Salute

Paris Hilton with the left index finger under her nose imitating Hitler's moustache and her right arm extended giving the Nazi Salute.

Very bad girl Paris. It looks bad no matter what you were doing. Maybe you were playing a game of Simon sez and someone got the better of you, Simon sez place your left index finger under your nose! Simon sez extend your right arm in the air! Or maybe your under the influence of something else.. Paris I'm starting to think that you may visit this blog once in awhile or at least have a friend visit from time to time and at one time stumbled upon the posts of Michela Vittoria Brambilla giving the Nazi salute. Weird stuff. Now pay attention to what happened to the Italian Minister of Tourism Michela Vittoria Brambilla back in 2009 who was caught publicly giving the Nazi salute. This blog was the first to bring this bit of news to the English world. Because of the scandal that ensued Michela Vittoria Brambilla had to make a formal public apology for…

Global Governance Today ~ Jean-Claude Trichet, President, European Central Bank

"we have no global government, we have no global executive branch and no global parliament. So we have to coordinate appropriately our various decision-making processes for those decision-making processes to internalize the externality that is associated with their own decision at the global level. And of course, I'm speaking in front of the citizens of a very, very great democracy.......but that it is something which has to be replaced in the context of a larger optimization at the global level." Jean-Claude Trichet President of the European Central Bank
Speaker: Jean-Claude Trichet, President, European Central Bank
Presider: Robert E. Rubin, Co-Chairman, Council on Foreign Relations

April 26, 2010, New York
Council on Foreign Relations

ROBERT E. RUBIN: Good afternoon.

I'm Bob Rubin and let me welcome you on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations to today's meeting, with is part of the C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics.

And I was also asked to an…



I. In his letter of June 16, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI:

- appointed His Excellency Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, CS, Titular Archbishop of Telepte and President of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See, as his Delegate for the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ;

- conferred on him the responsibility of governing this religious institute in his name “for as long as it takes to complete its path of renewal and lead it to the celebration of an extraordinary general chapter, whose main purpose will be to bring to completion the revision of the Constitutions”;

- considered the “need and urgency of a path of in-depth revision of the Institute’s charism” and expressed his “desire closely to accompany, sustain, and guide this process” through his own personal Delegate for that Religious Family, who would both be a concrete sign of his closeness and act in his name…

Lady Wisdom & Lady Prudence

Say to wisdom: Thou art my sister: and call prudence thy friend, That she may keep thee from the woman that is not thine, and from the stranger who sweeteneth her words.

ok ok you both were right.....

Where Did It All Go Wrong, Paris?


Homosexuals Must Leave The Priesthood For The Good Of The Church Community

"no one is forcing fags to become Catholic, no one forced the fags to become priests but they entered the priesthood nontheless and look at all the damaged done by the fags! Roman Catholic Imperialist July 17, 2010

"no one forces them to remain priests, exploiting only the benefits." Vicariate of Rome July 23, 2010


After exposé, Vicariate of Rome asks clergy leading 'double lives' to leave priesthood

Rome, Italy, Jul 23, 2010 / 12:10 pm (CNA).- After an Italian media report exposed sexual activity by gay priests in Rome, the Vicariate of Rome responded quickly by calling on all priests who are leading such "double lives" to come out and leave the priesthood for the good of the Church community.

The Italian weekly magazine Panorama ran a feature story on Friday morning titled, "The wild nights of gay priests." The article tracks three supposed priests, monitoring their behavior in gay nightclubs and soliciting them for s…

Paris Hilton Will One Day Be The Modern Day St Mary Magdalen?

BALDUNG GRIEN, Hans  The Lamentation of Christ  c. 1518 
I will rise, and will go about the city: in the streets and the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, and I found him not. The watchmen who keep the city, found me: Have you seen him, whom my soul loveth? When I had a little passed by them, I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him: and I will not let him go, till I bring him into my mother's house, and into the chamber of her that bore me. I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes and the harts of the fields, that you stir not up, nor awake my beloved, till she please. Put me as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thy arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy as hard as hell, the lamps thereof are fire and flames. Many waters cannot quench charity, neither can the floods drown it: if a man should give all the substance of his house for love, he shall despise it as nothing. Epistle For Mass St Mary Magdalen Penitent July 22
"Hey, Pari…

The Principal Things That Are Necessary For A Holy Roman Emperor ~ Scotus

The best things in life aren't things.
Paris Hilton 5:26 AM Jul 21st via UberTwitter

No structure keeps a fixed form for all time,
If it does not rest on firm foundations,
Neither can temples resplendent with light survive,
Nor the hall of kings remain solid without these.

The commonwealth asks of a gracious God,
That it stand on the true foundations of just rule.
The first supporting column shines with the brilliant gleam of truth,

And the second is properly an enduring government.

The third is to give generous rewards to merit,

And the fourth to speak sweet soothing words.

The fifth is to repress and attack evildoers with admirable zeal,

And the sixth one is strong to celebrate the good.

The seventh is to levy taxes with moderation on the people,

But the eighth controls the scales of justice.

The commonwealth endowed with these solid foundations shines forth, as the mount Zion, and remains strong with these.
Venerable Sedulius [Scotus]
De Rectoribus Christianis [On Christian Rulers]

But To No Avail - I Did Not Reach You ~ William Ingrid

I've been wishing on shooting stars,
been throwing pennies in fountains,
I've been counting sheep trying to sleep,
I've tried talking to the heavens
I've walked for miles in these shoes
but to no avail - I did not reach you

Should I should I should I give up
Should I should I should I give in
Should I should I should I hold out
Should I should I should I turn this around
Take another take another deep breathe
Find the power find the power with in
and move on.

Cross my heart and hope to die
stick a needle in my eye
smoke the pipe blessed by an indian chief
he said don't forget your journey
I've been talking to the mirror
thinking of making deals with the devil
writing messages in bottles to give to the sea

Should I should I should I give up
Should I should I should I give in
Should I should I should I hold out
Should I should I should I turn this around
Take another take another deep breathe
Find the power find the power with in
and move on.

I've been wishing on shooting stars,
been th…

Your Blog Is Also Stupid. I Think You Are Just An Ignorant Old Man.

A little city, and few men in it: there came against it a great king, and invested it, and built bulwarks round about it, and the siege was perfect. Now there was found in it a man poor and wise, and he delivered the city by his wisdom, and no man afterward remembered that poor man. And I said that wisdom is better than strength: how then is the wisdom of the poor man slighted, and his words not heard? The words of the wise are heard in silence, more than the cry of a prince among fools. Better is wisdom, than weapons of war: and he that shall offend in one, shall lose many good things. Ecclesiastes 9:14-18 Your blog is also stupid. I think you are just an ignorant old man. ~ the grim reaper*Yeah..O.K. any man who is the instrumental cause in creating a world wide political upheaval that has never been seen before, will most likely be ignored by the vast majority. This blog is the beginning of a world wide revolution that will help to restore all things in Christ by bringing to the att…