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Hundreds Of Goats Commit Mass Suicide Just Days Before Lady GaGa Releases New Video: On G.O.A.T a Government Owned Territory In Space

Purgatorio Canto XXV ~ Dante Alighieri

Hundreds Of Goats Run Amuck & Commit Suicide By Running Head Long Into Traffic On California Interstate 5

100 European Starlings Drop Dead From Sky In Berks County Pennsylvania: "All Nature Will Tremble With Dread" ~ Our Lady Of La Salette

Novena In Honor Of The Most Holy Face of Jesus - Second Day

Purgatorio Canto XXIV ~ Dante Alighieri

Novena In Honor Of The Most Holy Face Of Jesus - Day One

Christchurch: This Is No Place To Live Any More. 'A Number Of Large Cities Will Be Shattered And Swallowed By Earthquakes' ~ Our Lady Of La Salette

Thousands Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore On Ascension Island: "Woe To The Inhabitants Of The Earth" Our Lady Of La Salette

Obama's "EGO SUM" Set To Topple Moammar Gadhafi?

Purgatorio Canto XXIII ~ Dante Alighieri

Whoops! GNU Atheist PZ Myers Falls For A Prank: "My Sense Of Justice Rises In Terrible Joy That German Lawyers Have Filed Charges Against Ratzinger"

My Favorite Things - Una Lonza Nicky Hilton Takes Us Inside Her Closet

Thousands Of Shrimp Try To 'Commit Suicide' At Yanwu Lake In Xiamen, China: "Nature Shudders With Dread" ~ Our Lady Of La Salette

Purgatorio Canto XXII ~ Dante Alighieri

60 Dolphins Found Washed Ashore Along The U.S. Gulf Coast: Nature Begs Vengeance On Account Of Men ~ Our Lady Of La Salette

Bald Eagles Fall Dead From Sky In Canada: There Will Be Frightful Showers Of Animals~ Our Lady Of La Salette

Six Muslims Arrested For Stirring Up Hatred Aganist Pope Benedict XVI: When Will GNU Atheists Be Arrested For Inciting Violence Against The Pope?

Thousands Of Dead Squid Wash Up On The Shores Of The Derwent River In Tasmania Australia: Woe To The Inhabitants Of The Earth ~ Our Lady Of La Salette

GNU Atheists Ellenbeth Wachs & John Kieffer Go Berserk At Polk County School Board Meeting

Purgatorio Canto XXI ~ Dante Alighieri

5:15 Say Your Prayers

President Obama Speech On The Turmoil In Libya Complete Text