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Good Night Paris! Am I Any Closer To Restoring The Divinely Ordained Authority Of The Holy Roman Emperor?

Great fire can follow a small spark: there may
be better voices after me to pray
to Cyrrha's god for aid-that he may answer.
Paradisio i

No closer this month to restoring the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. The Pope's visit to Fatima was a disappointment. Many posts of Paris for some reason, not planed of course. Still know that this is the only blog in the world that will conquer the world without any means whatsoever and that this is the only blog with an idea that should be considered by faithful and devote Roman Catholics everywhere. No one gets it... yet... I have fun nonetheless for now in what I am allowed. Tomorrow starts with a prayer to the Blessed Trinity for the restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. I go alone as Dante Alighieri advises I should and events dictate... Good Night Paris & the rest....

US President Barack Obama, Our Lady Of Fatima & The Miracle Of The Sun

Mary with the Sun below her Feet
c. 1520

First read the news account on how the head of modern man-made democracy was forced to cancel his public appearance due to a storm. The following story in contrast is the account of the Miracle of the Sun that took place on October 13th, 1917 during the public appearance of Our Lady of Fatima.

Read the two accounts on how each party fared during inclement weather. Pay attention to the little things..the little hints here and there and know that modern man-made democracy is not protected by Our Lady.

On the contrary Our Lady has condemned modern man-made democracy at La Salette September 19, 1846 in these words:

“All the civil governments will have one and the same plan, which will be to abolish and do away with every religious principal to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritualism and vice of all kinds."
Our Lady said all the civil governments, and all modern day civil governments are modern man-made democracies.

So not…

Miley Cyrus In Portugal The Dogma Of The Faith Will Always Be Preserved etc...?

Miley Cyrus giving her crotch-grabbing performance in Portugal on May 29, 2010 just 14 days after Pope Benedict's visit to Fatima.

Again, to you Traditionalists, I ask, where in Portugal is the Dogma of the Faith preserved? Apparently the Blessed Mother does not give us riddles to solve. So just maybe you got it wrong? It should be obvious by now that the Dogma of the Faith is not preserved in the people of Portugal. The Dogma of the Faith must be preserved with the Guardian Angel of Portugal who is St Michael. That is the better explanation of Our Lady's words: In Portugal the Dogma of the Faith will always be preserved with the Guardian Angel of Portugal.


The M+G+R Foundation


Compiled by the staff of "Garabandal" and originally published in a 1990 Special Edition by The Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, P.O. Box 606, Lindenhurst, NY 11757-0606, U.S.A.

NOTE Added on July 28, 2006: We have received a very disturbing note regarding an official statement through the official Garabandal center (Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Inc.) where it is claimed in the following terms: NO THIRD WORLD WAR - Our Lady Said at Garabandal. This statement is so serious that we have addressed it in a separate document.

We recommend that the Faithful makes him/herself familiar with that situation.


Since the apparitions of Garabandal ended in 1965, visionaries Conchita, Mari Loli and Jacinta have, from time to time, granted interviews in which they have revealed what they can remember and are able to say about the coming worldwide Warning and great Miracle. In each of these interviews, although the …

"I Love When Lyrics Ring True." ~ Paris Hilton

"So amazing last night when Ne-Yo took me onstage during his performance of my favourite song Miss Independent. I love when lyrics ring true." Paris Hilton on Twitter May 30th

uh huh!

Aeneid I A (to 295) ~ Thomas Fleming

POUSSIN, Nicolas
Venus Presenting Arms to Aeneas

Aeneid I A (to 295)

Thomas Fleming
May 17, 2010

For those of you who have never before read the Aeneid, let me give a brief sketch of the background, without giving away too much of the story. The book tells the story of Aeneas, a Trojan prince and son of Anchises and the goddess Venus. The first 4 books are told by way of a flashback. The Trojans are landing in a storm on the coast of Africa. They are separated and only find each other at the court of Queen Dido, a Phoenician princess who is establishing a city called Carthage. Impressed by the handsome stranger whose story she has already heard of, she invites the Trojans to a banquet, where Aeneas tells his tale: how he escaped from the falling Troy, carrying his father on his back and leading his son by the hand, how he and the Trojans, carrying their penates with them, have unsuccessfully tried to establish a new Troy, knowing that it is their destiny to found a city in the West–in …

Carol Bartz Is Paid $47 Million By Yahoo, But Does Not Know What Yahoo Is!

Carol Bartz You're Fucked!

From New York Times:

No Expletives, Please

Carol Bartz’s foul language may play well in the purple bleacher seats at Yahoo, the demoralized Internet business she runs. But investors should be wary of executives spouting obscenities at critics — even the pesky blogger whom Ms. Bartz cursed out on Monday. As Enron’s Jeffrey Skilling can attest, there’s a fine line between robust discourse and shooting the messenger.

Salty language can sometimes be a mark of earthy candor or pugnacious leadership. And frequently such responses are provoked. That was perhaps the case with Ms. Bartz, who responded to a provocation from the Techcrunch founder, and Silicon Valley gadfly, Michael Arrington with an expletive. Still, that’s odd behavior to exhibit at a voluntary event sponsored by Techcrunch.

There are two problems with Ms. Bartz’s response. First, any savvy Internet executive must surely know how an unbuttoned-down response is prone to spread like wildfire on the Web.…

Near Earth Object 2010 KQ To Return To Place Of Origin ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

All renewal is effected by some kind of cleansing. But the elements will be renewed; hence it is written (Apoc. 21:1): "I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth was gone." Therefore the elements shall be cleansed. Further, a gloss [*St. Augustine, De Civ. Dei xx, 16] on 1 Cor. 7:31, "The fashion of this earth passeth away," says: "The beauty of this world will perish in the burning of worldly flames." Therefore the same conclusion follows.~St. Thomas AquinasAccording to St. Thomas Aquinas’ view of the fire of the final conflagration, all of the works of men will be cleansed by the fire of the final conflagration and this fire of the final conflagration will not exceed the bounds which were cleansed by waters of the deluge (only 15 cubits above the mountain tops).

Modern spacecraft is the work of men, so it stands to reason that these man made works will be destroyed by the fire of the final conflagration, no exceptions …

Drunk Blogging! Enhance Creativity - Drink Absinthe!

And they were all astonished, and wondered, saying one to another: What meaneth this? But others mocking, said: These men are full of new wine.
I have just been awarded a $50,000 grant from my "employer" the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) to study the effects of Absinthe on creativity. The purpose of this grant is to drink as much Absinthe as $50,000 can buy in order to see if the claims about Absinthe creativity are true. I will hopefully come up with keener and more creative ways of conquering the world by drinking Absinthe. Granted as a Roman Catholic, drunkenness is a sin and has to be confessed. I however have received a dispensation from the Pope during this Absinthe experiment. The Holy Father is a fan of Roman Catholic Imperialist and has given me the "green" light! hahaha... Now if any of you fail to understand the purpose of this blog in the first place.. well I don't think you gonna understand it after I have drank $50,000 worth of Absinthe wit…

Happy Birthday Dante Alighieri!

Dante and Beatrice in Fixed Stars in the constellation of Gemini, Dante's birth stars.

The Divine Poet was born on this day May 30th, 1265 in Florence Italy. Dante was Baptised on March 26th, 1266 in the Baptistery of San Giovanni.
O stars of glory, constellation steeped
in mighty force, all of my genius-
whatever be its worth-has you as source:
with you was born and under you was hidden
he who is father of all mortal lives,
when I first felt the air of Tuscany;
and then, when grace was granted me to enter
the high wheel that impels your revolutions,
your region was my fated point of entry.
To you my soul now sighs devotedly,
that it may gain the force for this attempt,
hard trial that now demands its every strength.

Paradiso xxii
The constellation chosen for Dante's entry into the sphere of the Fixed Stars is Gemini, the stars under which he was born (between May 21 and June 21, 1265) and to whose powers he attributes his talent (Par. 22.112-20). Gemini, meaning "twins," takes its…

Emma Marcegaglia As New Industry Minister?

Emma Marcegaglia Is she just wearing a slip? Where's her dress?

From The Wall Street Journal
Berlusconi Says He Wants Marcegaglia As New Industry Minister

ROME (Dow Jones)--Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi repeated Thursday his invitation to Emma Marcegaglia, head of the country's largest business lobby, to serve as industry minister.

"I need help," Berlusconi said, noting that tough budget conditions are making it hard to pursue some of his growth and liberalization pledges.

Claudio Scajola resigned earlier this month as industry minister amid media reports that prosecutors are looking into irregularities linked to the acquisition of his home in Rome. Scajola, who resigned May 4, denies any wrongdoing. Berlusconi is replacing him on an interim basis.

Speaking at Confindustria's annual assembly Thursday, Berlusconi asked for a show of hands from those who believed Marcegaglia should take the job.

No hands were raised.

"Well, then you can't complain about…

"I Have Heard the Devil's Confession"

From Zenit:
"I Have Heard the Devil's Confession"

Winning Story of the Competition "Priestly Anecdotes"

ROME, MAY 28, 2010 ( Here is the winning story of the competition "Priestly Anecdotes," convoked by the Spanish Web site of, in which 820 priests from 78 countries shared their stories.

The following entry was submitted by Father Manuel Julian Quiceno Zapata, of the Diocese of Cartago, Colombia. His prize is a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

* * *

Of what I experienced before hearing his confession, I remember the following.

As parish priest of a small village, I would often go out through the streets on Sunday, to greet people and give them a written catechesis, especially those who for different reasons did not go to church.

In the parish dedicated to St. Joseph, many had a habit that they fulfilled every Sunday without fail, as if it was a duty. This was to drink "some cold ones" -- as they called beer. Hence, it was easy …

The Golden Bull of the Emperor Charles IV 1356 A.D.

Flavia Julia Helena (d. c. 329), the mother of Constantine the Great, made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, so legend tells us, to find the Cross of Christ, which had appeared to her in a dream.
In the name of the holy and indivisible Trinity felicitously amen. Charles the Fourth, by favour of the divine mercy emperor of the Romans, always august, and king of Bohemia; as a perpetual memorial of this matter. Every kingdom divided against itself shall be desolated. For its princes have become the companions of thieves. Where fore God has mingled among them the spirit of dizziness that they may grope in midday as if in darkness; and He has removed their candlestick from out of His place, that they may be blind and leaders of the blind. And those who walk in darkness stumble; and the blind commit crimes in their hearts which come to pass in time of discord. Tell us, pride, how would's" thou have reigned over Lucifer if thou had'st not had discord to aid thee? Tell us hateful Satan, …