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Are You Kidding Me? Using Pre-Vatican II Saints & Councils To Condemn Traditionalists Who Oppose The Canonization Of Two Damned Sinners!

Where Are You Headed, Cowboy? Nowhere Special. Nowhere Special. I Always Wanted To Go There. Come On.

Statement By President Obama On The Canonization Of Pope John XXIII And Pope John Paul II

Fruit Of JP2 & J23 Canonization? Just One Day Later - A New Mass Going Teen Stabs New Mass Going Teacher Anne Maguire In The Neck! The First Murder Of Its Kind In A British Classroom!

JPII Tornado Kills Over Twenty Souls In Arkansas Towns Of Mayflower & Vilonia

Book Of Life Is A Public Revelation That Regards The Glory Of The Saints - Not The "Glory" Of Post Vatican II "Saints": Summa Theologica Q.24 Art II Whether The Book Of Life Regards Only The Life Of Glory Of The Predestined?

Question: Well, Nothing's Happened. What Now? Answer: This...................God Will Send Punishments Which Will Follow One After The Other For More Than Thirty-Five Years.

Day of Doom! 5:15 Say Your Prayers, Rome!

Day Of Doom! 5:15 Say Your Prayers, Rome!

Papal Anti-Miracle : John Paul II Crucifix Crushed Crippled Boy Who Lived On Street Named After John XXIII!

Renew Thy Signs, And Work New Miracles. Glorify Thy Hand, And Thy Right Arm. Raise Up Indignation, And Pour Out Wrath. Take Away The Adversary, And Crush The Enemy. Hasten The Time, And Remember The End, That They May Declare Thy Wonderful Works!

Evil Portent For JPII Canonization! Bizarre Giant John Paul II Crucifix Crushes Man To Death!

St. John Paul II, Pray For Us! Missing Flight MH370 To Be Found On Canonization Day!

SSPPX Bishop Fellay: "We Vigorously Protest These Canonizations"

Muslim Rolls Out Prayer Rug & Recites From Koran During Sunday Morning EASTER MASS!

Pope Francis' Jesuit Colleague Assassinated In Honduras: Carlos Mejía Orellana Employee Of Jesuit Apostolate Radio Progreso

Pharrell - Happy Dancing British Muslims!

Sodomite X-Men! Too Bad Director Bryan Singer Didn't Live In The U.K. Like Comedian Mr. X (Ricky Gervais) Because Singer Would Be Known As Director X & Protected By Scotland Yard!