Condoms & Voting: The Lesser Of Two Evils Manifests The Hypocrisy Of The Roman Catholic Traditionalist Movement

Better to vote for John S. McCain than to allow Barack Obama into the White House. We were told in 2008 by the Remnant Newspaper, the Catholic Family News and various conservative and traditionalist bloggers that John McCain is the lesser of two evils, so it is better to vote for him than to allow the forerunner to the antichrist into the White House.

If the lesser of two evils philosophy works in the field of politics (which it sure as hell doesn't) then the lesser of two evils philosophy should work in area of sexual morality too.

So let me get this straight, its O.K. for Michael Matt, Christopher A. Ferrara, Esq, Father Nicholas Gruner, John Vennari and other notables to pontificate to the rest of us that the lesser of two evils philosophy is acceptable in the field of politics, but by no means is it permissible for the Holy Father to pontificate to the rest of us using the lesser of two evils philosophy in moral matters.

Yahoo News:
Vatican: Condom use less evil than spreading HIV



  1. You are wrong in your analysis. You can never choose evil, whether it is lesser or greater. However, you can only reflect on the fact that a candidate may have more good qualities than another.

  2. Indeed, the use of a condom Always leads to sex, rather than being a sacred life bringing union, it becomes nothing else than mutual masturbation.
    The parallel you draw is a very bad one, the situations are completely different. But I am curious what position you are at, is it okay to use condoms as "birth control" or do you deem it immoral to vote for McCain.

  3. To Anonymous

    Of course you say the use of lesser two evils is OK to use for the laity when voting! That's my point. The Pope cannot use the lesser of two evils, but you can! Do you not see your own hipocrisy? Of course you don't see your own hipocrisy, afterall you want to continue to vote until the day of your death for the lesser of two evils in each election, because you know damn well that's all you got as a choice, which is voting for some enemy to the faith, you just have to chose which is the lesser enemy to the faith. Both you guys are hipocrites. Prohibiting the Pope from doing what you yourselves engage in!

    And the martial act is for procreation, anything outside this intention is morally wrong


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