PZ Myers Is In Denial

Atheist PZ Myers doesn't want anyone to sully his ideal homosexual world. According to PZ Myers and all of his followers of his blog - the homosexual man is the perfect man, free from all faults & failings. The homosexual man can apparently control his desires and never crosses the line. Anytime a story appears about a Catholic Priest molesting a boy, PZ Myers is quick to hide the fact that the victim of this abuse is most always a teenage boy. PZ Myers can not bring himself to admit that the act perpetrated on the boy is a homosexual act, no, according to PZ Myers most abuse by Priests are acts of pedophilia, not homosexual. He does this to hide his disappointment in his perfect homosexual man. Case in point a man rapes a teenage boy at gunpoint - twice. Any well reasoned man would say that that man who committed the rape of a teenage boy was a homosexual. To be blunt a male on male sex act is a homosexual act. This statement is a reasonable statement. How could anyone argue otherwise? Well the followers of PZ Myers do just that. They ignore the obvious, must be a trait of Atheist to ignore the obvious:

Adult: Who created you?

Six year old child: God created me!

50 year old Atheist: What? I don't understand, Darwin said we all evolved from apes! There is no God....etc..

Case in point Pz Myers posted a news item on his blog, the first sentence reads as follows:
"John Fiala is a bad man, and he's also a Catholic priest"
It should read:
John Fiala is a bad man, and he's also a homosexual.
But in PZ Myers' world one can not point out the obvious, what John Fiala did, well, he raped a teenage boy at gunpoint. John Fiala committed a homosexual act at gunpoint.

PZ Myers continues:
What he has done has been awful and evil, but, you know, it's not an indictment of religious belief. Fiala is simply nuts.
Pz Myers claims that John Fiala crime is not the result of his homosexual tendencies, no, he committed the rape 'cause he's just nuts. You see in the mind of PZ Myers, it has nothing to do with homosexuality, 'cause homosexuality only involves sex acts that are between consenting adults males etc...and of course this act was at gunpoint and involved a priest.

PZ Myers has to add this:
I have to ask, if this guy had been an atheist, would I consider it a sign of problems in the atheist philosophy? And I have to say no.
Never blame atheist philosophy - of course not! What did you expect from an atheist? Again if any one pays attention, one can gather, that to be an atheist is to promote the homosexual lifestyle. I don't believe there are any anti-homosexual atheists, birds of a feather flock together and what not. Atheists and homosexuals both hate the Catholic Faith.

It should be pointed out 'cause PZ Myers refuses to do so, and that is this - Holy Mother Church has always promoted and teaches the importance of chastity for all stations in life with no exceptions. The marriage act is simply that - an act reserved for the procreation in a valid marriage, any sexual activity outside of the procreative act in marriage is a sin. This is the standard set by the Catholic Faith. The Catholic Church has higher standards than you atheists. So if any Catholic man refuses to follow the moral teachings of the Church, he does so because of his own bad will, not because the Catholic Church taught him to do so. You reject the morals of the Church, you will pay for it, one way or another.

Now any bigot can look up the moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and find that the Church does not condone homosexuality, the Church in fact condemns homosexuality, it always has, and always will. Now it is apparent that laws prohibiting homos from entering the priesthood have not been enforced, but Pope Benedict is trying to change that.

Now anyone who has looked at the atheist movement knows that the atheists promote homosexuality or you may find some atheists who may be indifferent to homosexuality. Either way present day atheist philosophy does not condemn homosexuality. So PZ Myers statement is false that said:
I have to ask, if this guy had been an atheist, would I consider it a sign of problems in the atheist philosophy? And I have to say no.
Yes, Dr. Myers if the atheist philosophy does not condemn homosexuality then one can say that the atheist philosophy promotes it and is to blame for the indifference shown to homosexuality. You teach it - you own it. Atheist philosophy advances homosexuality, the Catholic Faith does not. Any Catholic Priest that commits homosexual acts does so because he rejects the Catholic Church. The Church does not teach its priest to be homosexuals.


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