The Next Miracle Of Pope John Paul II The Great - Curing Eyelid Spasms?!?

St Lucy

JPII is certainly no St Lucy! This is not a joke, apparently a woman who drank too much caffeine & then got eyelid spasms pleaded with the dead pope for a miracle and got it - her eyelid is no longer spastic! This is truly pathetic. This is a testament to the demented faith of Vatican II.

LOCKPORT — Mary Kern says a miracle cured her of eyelid spasms that could have caused blindness.

That miracle, she says, came in 2009 after her prayers to the late Pope John Paul II that asked him to intercede on her behalf before God.

Now the Lockport woman is petitioning the Vatican to have her miracle recognized as a grounds to elevate John Paul to sainthood. More


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