Muslim 'Helpers of the Global Jihad' Terrorist Attack In Norway Revenge For Muhammad With A Body Of A Dog Cartoon

Islam Religion of Peace?

Revenge attack by Muslims. All Muslims are a threat to Western Civilization (or, what is left of Western Civilization).  Muslim are so misguided and disturbed by the demented writings of the false prophet Muhammad that they will go to any length to disrupt the peace of their non-Muslim neighbors. Enough of the toleration shown to Muslims. ALL Muslims should be deported back to the desert and left to their own evil devices. Islam is from hell and it is hell that Islam spreads in this world. The leaders of modern democracy have failed to contain this evil force. The west continues to pay in blood split for the lack of leadership shown by our illustrious democratically elected leaders. Our elected leaders have failed us, our elected leaders have failed to defend us. Modern democracy has let this happen.

Daily Mail
MASSACRE AT KIDS' CAMP: More than 30 feared dead as terrorist opens fire at Norwegian summer camp and car bomb devastates Oslo
By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 11:00 PM on 22nd July 2011

Teenagers on the Norwegian holiday island of Utoya had to 'swim for their lives' and hide in trees when a gunman fired indiscriminately at them.

Around 700 had gathered on the island for a meeting of the youth wing of the ruling Labour party.

Witnesses said the man in police uniform who opened fire beckoned several young people over before shooting at them. He told them to 'come here'.

Other witnesses said they heard him saying: 'This is just the beginning.'

It came as Norway succumbed to a double attack in what is being described as the worst atrocity it has faced since the Second World War.

Terrorists are believed to be responsible for a massive car blast at a government office block in the capital Oslo which took place earlier on in the day. more

Islam did this

Islam did this


  1. First I want to ask something for this site readers and owners. Did you know there is a God? Did you know one day the world disappears? if you say no, how it is created? if it is created, what if cases occur like the presence of the world that are cause for world to be disappear?if you say yes for my earlier question.who told you? It is from the messengers. and one of the messenger is profit Mohammed. why not you want to know more before doing something? Today many wold politics is difficult to judge Mr x does this or Mr y does this. Islam didn't indicate a way of disturbing peace it is peace. But if you can't be wise on your decision and why you come to earth, you get your work value when any one can't forgot and lie what he/she does and speak himself/herself his bad works, no one can remember any one due to the frightening of the moment, and when God shows his power, when everybody sorrow with his work and say if I live again I pray for my God and gone to hell.please I ask you remember,even Anstain says there is one power. So you can't draw the profit picture as you show in the first picture of this page. But be sure God ask and penalize you why you draw this even if you draw a beautiful picture.
    follow the Jesus religion and Jesus orders you to follow the last messenger Mohammed.



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