Rioting Replacing Voting? Do You Know Your Enemy? Well, Gotta Know The Enemy

Do you know your enemy? Well, gotta know the enemy - Green Day

Modern Democracy is a failed system. The leaders elected are a disappointment. Men do not have the capability to pick and chose their own leaders. Many of the men who run for office are corrupt and selfish. The only election that should matter is the upcoming Imperial election by the seven Imperial electors to elect the next Holy Roman Emperor. Once that man is elected he can chose the lesser leaders to over the rest. This is how it is meant to be done. Modern democracy can not and will not govern the world properly. Here is piece from the New York Times on the insane act of voting:

'Voting is worthless'? Global protests share contempt for democracy
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MADRID — Hundreds of thousands of disillusioned Indians cheer a rural activist on a hunger strike. Israel reels before the largest street demonstrations in its history. Enraged young people in Spain and Greece take over public squares across their countries.

Their complaints range from corruption to lack of affordable housing and joblessness, common grievances the world over. But from South Asia to the heartland of Europe and now even to Wall Street, these protesters share something else: wariness, even contempt, toward traditional politicians and the democratic political process they preside over.

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