Dr. Benjamin Wiker Uses Dishonest Scholarship To Defend His Demented Love For Modern Democracy And Accuses Ancient Roman Emperors For Passing Same Sex Marriage Laws

Nativity (detail)
c. 1515

Christ willed to be born in the fullness of time when Augustus was Monarch.

A phenomenon not to be forgotten attests the truth of all the arguments placed in order above, namely, that condition of mortals which the Son of God, when about to become man for the salvation of man, either awaited, or ordained at such time as He willed. For if from the fall of our first parents, at which point of departure began all our error, we survey the ordering of men and times, we shall find no perfect Monarchy, nor the world everywhere at peace, save under the divine Monarch Augustus. That men were then blessed with the tranquillity of universal peace all historians testify, and all illustrious poets; this the writer of the gentleness of Christ felt it meet to confirm, and last of all Paul, who called that most happy condition “the fulness of the time.” Verily, time and all temporal things were full, for no ministry to our happiness lacked its minister. But what has been the condition of the world since that day the seamless robe first suffered mutilation by the claws of avarice, we can read—would that we could not also see! O human race! what tempests must need toss thee, what treasure be thrown into the sea, what shipwrecks must be endured, so long as thou, like a beast of many heads,8 strivest after diverse ends! Thou art sick in either intellect, and sick likewise in thy affection. Thou healest not thy high understanding by argument irrefutable, nor thy lower by the countenance of experience. Nor dost thou heal thy affection by the sweetness of divine persuasion, when the voice of the Holy Spirit breathes upon thee, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” ......Now Christ willed to be born of a Virgin Mother under an edict of Roman authority, according to the testimony of Luke, his scribe, in order that the Son of Man, made man, might be numbered as a man in that unique census. This fulfilled the edict. It were perhaps more reverent to believe that the Divine Will caused the edict to go forth through Caesar, in order that God might number Himself among the society of mortals who had so many ages awaited His coming. Dante Alighieri de Monarchia
"Civil governments will all have the same objective, which will be to abolish and make every religious principle disappear, to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritism and vices of all kinds. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

Second Person of the Blessed Trinity came into this world in “the fullness of the time." This fullness of time for the Incarnation was during the reign of Caesars. Jesus Christ was not born during the reign of American Presidents. Do any of you understanding this simple fact? God chose to be a citizen of Rome rather to be a citizen of modern democracy. Has this not sunk in yet? Are you so taken in with casting ballots in election after election that you have lost all reason?  God gave His stamp of approval for Caesar's rule, He never gave his stamp of approval for modern democracy. None of you can find any hint of God's approval for modern democracy in Scripture or in the writings of the Fathers of the Church, not even in the actions of God himself will you find any indication that the Blessed Trinity approves of modern democracy.

The political authority of the Roman Emperor is directly from God. The authority of Caesar is not man-made. God submitted to Caesar in His birth and at His death. God holds His nose at the stench of man-made democracy and all those ballots cast in every election. Man mistakenly believes that he has no need for God's approval in choosing their leaders and man thinks that he can chose his own ruler in every modern democratic election. So God leave you to your own wicked devices. Look around you and listen to yourself, how many times do you complain about the bad laws and bad customs of this modern democratic state? The reason for the bad laws and bad customs of this godless nation is due to the fact that modern democracy wars against the Blessed Trinity. If God wanted men to be governed by modern democracy then God Himself would have been the first to submit to the reign of modern democracy giving you all the example to follow. No, instead God chose to submit to Caesar and by doing so God gives you the example to follow. Does modern man follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ? No, man refused to follow God and now man finds himself governed by hell. You all brought this upon yourselves. You are all to man to blame for the current bad laws and bad custom of this nation. So stop complaining.

Now enter a dishonnest professor who lies: Dr. Benjamin Wiker

Dr. Benjamin Wiker is dishonnest man who attacks what Jesus Christ approved by His birth and His death.

Dr. Benjamin Wiker is dishonnest and a liar,  he has to be in order to defend godless modern democracy. No honest man would ever defend modern democracy - look all around you for the reasons not to defend such a godless form of government!

Look here Dr. Benjamin Wiker, here is a list of five states that are part of the United States of America that have passed laws allowing for Gay Marriage:

Five States that allow for Gay Marraige:
  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • Iowa
  • Vermont
  • New Hampshire
  • The District of Columbia
Do you understand the above list? Today is June 29, 2012 and the above fve states allow for homos to marry? Got that? Modern democarcy has passed laws in five states that allow for homos to marry. The Caesars did not pass these laws. No, the elected leaders of these five states passed the pro-homosexual laws. Stop blaming the Romans for your modern day problems. You are to blame Dr. Benjamin Wiker not some Caesar for the bad laws of this modern democratic nation state.

Now here is Dr. Benjamin Wiker's list of Roman laws that allow for homo Marriage:

Here is the list again:

Hmmm... something is not right??? I thought Dr. Benjamin Wiker listed a whole bunch of laws from the hand of Caesar allowing fags to marry??  what happened to the list??

If you're gonna blame the Roman Emperors for being the first ones to allow for homo marriage then you better list the laws of Caesar.  Dr. Benjamin Wiker is dishonest for claiming that evil Caesar is to blame for the current homo laws in this nation when the Dr. can not even name one homo law in Caesars books.

I really hate men like Dr. Benjamin Wiker who love modern democracy so much (but at the same time being completely embarrassed by the bad laws passed by modern democracy) as to deflect every ones attention from the evil nature of his beloved modern democracy by attacking  the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Roman  Emperors. "Don't look at Washington! Imperial Rome is to blame!" You sir are a jerk!

How does Dr. Benjamin Wiker come to the brilliant conclusions that Roman Emperors are fag loving weirdos? Well the Dr. uses one Roman historian (Tacitus) and two Roman poets (Martial and Juvenal) to make the case that the laws of the ancient Roman Emperors allowed for same-sex marriage. In his recent article here the doctor makes the excuse for immoral laws of modern democracy by pointing fingers at the ancient Romans and blaming the Romans for being the first in making bad laws in support of homosexual marriage. So don't blame modern democracy for its immoral same sex marriage laws, no, its Imperial Rome who is to blame for the current moral cesspool modern democracy built. Blame the Romans!

The doctor never does list the actual Roman laws permitted for gay marriage, no, the doctor instead uses the Roman historians and poets to make his lying case.

I'll bet this dishonest doctor will vote in the next election. Probably vote for the Mormon.

Gee, doctor how do you ever get through the season of advent and Christmas without reflecting on the fact that the Blessed Trinity willed to be ruled by a Roman Emperor, and a pagan one at that! What does God really think about you precious modern democracy?? Look at the action of the Infant Jesus and ponder what Gods loves and what you love are no the same!


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