Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi & Father Giulio Tam Defend Benito Mussolini: Can Fr. Gruner Be Too Far Behind?

Fr. Guilio Tam (ex-SSPX) At Mussolini's Tomb 2011

Berlusconi attending a ceremony commemorating Jewish holocaust victims said the following about Mussolini:
"It's difficult now to put yourself in the shoes of people who were making decisions at that time, obviously the government of that time, out of fear that German power might lead to complete victory, preferred to ally itself with Hitler's Germany rather than opposing it, as part of this alliance, there were impositions, including combating and exterminating Jews, the racial laws were the worst fault of Mussolini as a leader, who in so many other ways did well." Berlusconi
I guess for a man like Berlusconi when times are tough, all Justice and Prudence go out the window and you make alliances with the devil himself.

Is it ever gonna end? Look, I'm not making any of this up. Just pointing out the sad fact that when Fr. Gruner teams up with an Italian Nationalist Party - everything comes with it - everything.

Now the latest folly is from Berlusconi who is another one who has made an alliance with the Northern League - just like Gruner.

Facts: Fr Gruner and Christopher A. Ferrara teamed up with two Italian Nationalists Mario Borghezio and Lorenzo Fontana from the Northern League to help present their cause to the EU Parliament.

If that is not bad enough, Mario Borghezio had this to say about another Italian Nationalist Roberto Fiore:
This is our great battle for freedom that we must fight now. This battle for freedom is so important, but I see now that we’ve been joined by another freedom warrior, the Honorable Mr. Roberto Fiore, who fought alongside me in the European Parliament! These people, these freedom warriors are constantly dismissed by the mass media. They try to hide their work and battles from the public. Their actions are somewhat sacrificed to the altar of mainstream information. Their good deeds are put in a corner or utterly forgotten. Well, we have so much need of these freedom workers,these humble but courageous freedom fighters! You are these freedom fighters and we need to win this battle! But to do so, we must stand united – by using our political and meta-political skills – in order to widen the front line of the battle! We must enter into all these battles! Fatima Crusader | Winter 2013
For those that do not know Roberto Fiore is the head of another Italian Nationalist party - the Forza Nuova.

And it so happens that the spiritual father of the FN is an ex-SSPX priest Fr. Guilio Tam.

Fr. Tam is a lover of  Italian fascism he leads annual pilgrimages to Mussolini's tomb, with members of the Forza Nuova in tow.

2011 Tam's Annual Pilgrimage To Mussolini's Tomb: New York Times here

2012 Tam's Annual Pilgrimage To Mussolini's Tomb: Huffington Post here

Here is a photo of Fr. Tam & Roberto Fiore leading a parade of thugs:

Don Giulio Tam (ex-SSPX) & Roberto Fiore (far right)

What's wrong with this picture? Everything. Extreme meet extreme both lovers of political and religious factionalism. Their ranks are growing. Now Fr. Gruner is added to their membership list.

Gruner will convince many traditionally minded Catholics to find comfort in ethno-nationalism - as if political factionalism will bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?!? Where does Fr. Gruner get the idea that Nationalism is to save the day? Did Our Lady at Fatima say anything about the coming restoration by the hands of political factionalists?

No. She did not.

Again, expect more folly to come.



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