Jimmy Lee Dykes - End Of World Prepper Kills Bus Driver Kidnaps Boy & Holds Up In A Bunker

Alabama State Police - FBI & ATF About To Make A "Martyr"

"Eventually someone in the U.S. is going to get shot by the government for being a Christian. Let's say that the person is shot with one of the 7000 AR-15s that Janet Napolitano just ordered. How should the dead person be pictured in iconography thence forward? They should be pictured just like St. Paul - manfully holding an AR-15, even if they never fired an AR in combat themselves. It is the ultimate jab at the tyrants - cut me down and it only makes me stronger, and I will embrace your own weaponry and wave it back in your face, sanctified. And then WATCH WHAT HAPPENS." Ann Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt would be pleased! Finally a like-minded fellow prepper is about to be martyred by the US Government. The Alabama state police are closing in on a 65 year old man who has holed himself up in an end of days bunker.

The prepper name is Jimmy Lee Dykes and he likes guns and more guns and he likes little boys as well.

Dykes had the urge to kidnap a little boy he has been a stalkin' for awhile - it appears that shooting his gun off does not do it for him anymore, so Dykes had to kidnap a child to rape. Dykes approached the school bus and confronted the bus driver and shot him - nothing is gonna stop this prepper.

Preppers, for those that don't know, are demented mean spirited and uncharitable stockpilers of weapons and hoarders of food. Preppers impatiently wait for the "Rapture" or the "Apocalypse" and if it doesn't happen on their time schedule, they come out of their lairs or bunkers or hovels and make it happen by committed murders etc and then they kill themselves - thus fulfilling their own prophecy of the coming "Rapture" or "Apocalypse"

Ann Barnhardt is a temptress who loves to tempt men into falling for these crazy end of world views Barnhardt believes that the US Feds are evil and are gonna kill all gun lovin' "christians" - but no worries - if you get shot and killed by the Feds you go directly to heaven! See her site here

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Ann Barnhardt's Only Way To Heaven!



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