Michael Voris Says Pope Francis is Not To Blame! Francis Did Not Demote Cardinal Raymond Burke! Cardinal Donald Wuerl DID! Pope Francis Is Not To Blame For The Sodomite Synod! Heterodox Bishops Are! Pope Francis Is Not To Blame For The Sodomite INFAMOUS Relatio!! Its The English Translation By Vatican Officials That Is To Blame!!

Vatican Corruption?


Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed. I’m Michael Voris.

There are simply too many things going on in Rome these days to not call into question the intent of many prelates.

First, what has all the hallmarks of a demotion of Cardinal Raymond Burke. No reason was given, and no cause seemed apparent, so a great mystery has developed.

The question being asked is simply – why did the Pope sack Cardinal Burke? The APPEARANCE that he sacked him is all that matters at this stage, precisely because there appears to be no reason or just cause.

Add to this, that it is well known that Washington DC Cardinal Donald Wuerl has had it our for Burke for a long time, and Wuerl is a constant on the Roman scene.

You can’t see a picture of the Pope, and that includes back when Benedict was Pope, without Cardinal Wuerl lurking in the not so far background.

This situation was made even more public when Cardinal Burke was removed from the Congregation of Bishops and then Wuerl was promoted to it. Coincidence?

Then there is the what could only be described as a disaster of a synod.

A synod called to discuss the struggles and challenges of passing on the faith in families in a world hostile to families, was quickly de-railed by heterodox bishops into a symposium on divorce and remarriage and gifts and qualities that flow from homosexuality.

And then there is the never-ending, continual swirl of questions over the WAY in which documents are produced and translated into English by Vatican officials.

This has been a persistent problem, not just under Pope Francis’ pontificate, but for years now. English is the leading language in the world, largely owing to it being the language of finance.

But despite this fact, English may as well be aboriginal to those charged with doing translations in Rome. They come out late and incorrect more often than not.

Which adds fuel to the conspiratorial view of the Vatican as corrupt, run by those who want to weaken the Church.Take the Synod documents for example – the by now INFAMOUS Relatio – both the mid term one and the final one.

The mid-term one to refresh your memory is the one that was crawling with all sorts of anti-catholic positions in it regarding homosexuality and divorce and remarriage. It made headlines all over the world. But here’s the background which may not be immediately apparent.

That Relation was available to the press in HARD copies in the Holy See Pres Office Monday morning at the midway point of the Synod.

It PURPORTED to be a summary of all the discussions that had been had up to and including Saturday, less than two days earlier. It contained 62 paragraphs.

Reporters from the world press walked onto the press office and there it was, all printed off, translated into various languages.

When you consider the time it would have taken to prepare the original official Italian, then make all the translations, then run off all the copies and collate them and have them ready for hundreds of reporters by Monday morning – it is beyond astonishing.

Then when you add on that the bishops in the actual synod said – one, they had never seen it; two – it was nowhere near reflective of the ACTUAL discussion that had gone on and throw in the furious pace at which the actual paperwork would have to have been done – the whole thing stinks.

In fact, it would appear that the mid term Relatio could have been written before he synod actually had even begun. If THAT happened, then the word conspiracy takes on a while new life.

Now in the realm of conspiracy, consider the following – the FINAL Relatio, which was distributed to reporters in Italian, took more than two WEEKS to translate AND when it came out – has wholesale errors in the English – again with the English – the language spoken by most of the powerful media outlets in the world – you know, the ones that shape public perception.

As some outlets have noticed - the bad English one said in paragraph 4, quote – “…to discern how the Church and society can renew their commitment to the family.”

Harmless enough, right? No big deal, right? However, when you read the original Italian, the sentence doesn’t end there like it does in the English. The sentence continues - “to discern how the Church and society can renew their commitment to the family, founded on the marriage between man and woman.” THAT is a huge translation difference. It’s a whole statement JUST MISSING.

Why does this stuff keep happening? Why are there always such problems with the English translations.

And its not just BAD or incomplete translations, but that these translations ALWAYS tilt toward bad theology, progressivist language or interpretations. It’s almost like those responsible WANT to corrupt the faith – with either active or passively rotten translations.

And what’s more – when you add all these types of situations together, Cardinal Burke no longer a Curial member, Cardinal Wuerl, with his history of ignoring Canon Law being assigned to a curial post, rotten translation always supporting liberal ends and so forth – and there is LOT of so forth – faithful Catholics smell a rat – or better yet, a demon.

God Love You.

I’m Michael Voris


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