TEXAS DOOM! Pope Prays For 11 Quake Victims That Struck The Island Of Ischia! Expect More Than 11 Deaths From Hurricane Harvey!

Here's how this works - its the opposite of miracles - call it a death Novena.

  • Natural or man-made disaster occurs somewhere in the world.
  • Pope Francis takes notice of the disaster and prays for the victims
  • Another natural or man-made disaster occurs somewhere else in the world killing more souls
  • Repeat cycle.

Usually within nine days of the Pope's prayers more death occur in a natural or man-made disaster.


Pope prays for Ischia earthquake victims 

At the conclusion of his regular weekly public audience on August 23, Pope Francis offered a prayer for the victims of an earthquake that struck the island of Ischia, near Naples, on August 21. Two deaths were reported, and more than 2,500 driven from their homes by the earthquake. The Pope prayed for the victims, survivors, and rescue workers. Source

Expect more than 11 deaths in Texas in the next few days....


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