Twenty Second Sunday After Pentecost The Gospel Matt.22.v.15.Tuesday Meditation: A Plaine Path-way To Heaven Thomas Hill 1634

GOSPEL Matt. 22:15-21 
At that time, the Pharisees went and took counsel how they might ensnare him in his talk. And they send to him their disciples, with the Herodians, saying, "Master, we know that thou art true, and teachest the way of God in truth, and carest not for any one: for thou regardest not the person of men. Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?" But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, "Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites? Shew me the tribute money." And they brought unto him a penny. And he saith unto them, "Whose is this image and superscription?" They say unto him, "Caesar’s." Then saith he unto them, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s." 


The Messengers sent from the chief priests and Pharisees set upon Christ with these fair speaches: Master, we know thou speakest the truth, and carest not for any man, and dost teach the way of God in truth and verity, for thou doest not respect the person of men. In these words they played the hypocrites, or dissemblers, and flatterers egregiously.

The hypocrites, in that they pretend to come to Christ as to a teacher or Master, to be resolved of a doubtful question, but came indeed to entrap him; the flatterers in that they praised him to his face, for those things that were most commendable in a teacher or Master, to the end that he being tickled with hiw own praise (as men use to be) might be the sooner induced to answer unto their question, that they might entrap him, which is the art of flatterers, to obtain their own ends.

These words of their aforesaid contain the true properties of a good preacher, to wit first, that he be a Master in the science of Divinity, that is to say, furnished with all manner of learning & literature requisite to make him a sufficient Master, and teacher of others, such as many now a days are not, but presume to be teachers before they have learned themselves.

Secondly, that he teach the truth, as none do but such as teach the doctrine approved by the Catholic Church, she being the pillar & supporter of truth.

Thirdly, that they care for nothing, that is to say, that they preach not for lucre and popular applause, but out of true zeal, to instruct the people in the way of God.

Fourthly, that they be indifferent to all persons, and not partial, or an accepter of persons, which is against justice.

These I say are the principal properties of a good preacher, and were in our Blessed Savior Christ indeed in the highest degree, and yet notwithstanding Christ indeed in the highest degree, and yet notwithstanding Christ was angry with them, and called them hypocrites, not that they could deceive or hurt him with their flattering and dissembling words, but to give us to understand how much we may be hurt and deceive with the like.

Of dissemblers the Prophet David saith thus: Their speaches are more mollifying then oil, but they are dartsd, or lances to wound: & this


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