Sri Lanka: Police Find Weapons Cache, 47 Swords In Mosque Raid - How Many WEAPONS Would The Police Find At Fr. John Zuhlsdorf's CHURCH?

Hey its a fair question...

If its wrong for Muslims to have weapons at their place of worship...then is it not wrong for Fr. John Zuhlsdorf to stockpile weapons at his place of worship?

Sri Lanka: Police Find Weapons Cache, 47 Swords in Mosque Raid

Police in Sri Lanka conducted a series of raids Friday on suspected jihadists, finding in one mosque in Colombo’s suburb of Slave Island a stockpile of 47 swords alongside counterfeit military uniforms, a suicide bomber jacket, and machetes. In a nationwide address, President Maithripala Sirisena revealed that police had arrested around 70 individuals in connection with jihadist activity since the Easter Sunday bombings that killed over 250 people and have identified 140 people who may have been involved in the attacks. The Sri Lankan outlet Lankadeepa published images from the Slave Island mosque where police found the weapons, revealing that police found the swords in question under the bed of the head imam. Source

The MOSQUE is NOT a Sword Free Zone 

Fr. Z's CHURCH is NOT a Gun Free Zone.....

(one of) Fr. Z's Guns

How guns would the police find at Fr. Z's church?

Gun Nut  Fr. John Zuhlsdorf on his guns:

Perhaps the firearms training many of us have undertaken is helpful as an analogy. First, you seek to avoid conflicts or deescalate them. When you can’t avoid violence you try to discern the level actually needed. Of course, this sometimes must happens in seconds. In the case that you are forced to act in defense of your life or the lives of others, you use deadly force to stop the threat. That means you shoot effectively to stop the threat. You don’t try to shoot the gun out of the enemy’s hand (this isn’t TV). You don’t shoot to hit the leg (because, again, this isn’t TV). You shoot center mass, to do maximum damage so the threat will stop, because … that’s the point you are at. You don’t shoot “to kill”. Shoot (or whatever) so that the clear, present danger to life and limb is no longer a threat. If a punch in the face or a kick in the ‘nads is enough, and the threat stops, then stop there. Stop punching and kicking. That’s an analogy from a few horrifying seconds of immediately conflict or threat. In prolonged situations, we have time to analyze our motives and consciences. Source

Fr Z's Hand 
Fr. Z's Bullet 

After Mass on Sunday a couple guys from the parish offered to take me to the range to stop some evil, nefarious paper.  One of the guys had a Smith Wesson .50 caliber revolver!It was like shooting a small canon… no, that’s not quite right… a small cannon.  Nice flash. Fr. Z 

On the back of the hat it says, “Verum, Bonum, Pulchrum”. Yes, this is the hat of Wyoming Catholic College, where your students can’t have mobile phones, but they can have guns. I shot well on Sunday. Here is 15′, 25′, and 30′. This was using a Sig P228 in 9mm, fairly quickly. I put 5 rounds in each mag and then did a mag change at each distance. At 30′ a few got away from me. Fr. Z.

Fruit of Fr Z's time at the Gun Range......


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