UPDATE: 'Kill The GAY Dog, He Doesn't Deserve To Live': Princess Hassa bint Salman On Trial In Paris For Ordering Her Bodyguard To Beat Up GAY Decorator And Force Him To Kiss Her Feet



Saudi Princess found guilty of ordering bodyguard to beat up Paris craftsman

Paris (CNN)The sister of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been found guilty of ordering a bodyguard to beat and humiliate a local craftsman who was renovating her luxury Paris apartment three years ago.

Princess Hassa bint Salman Al Saud was handed a 10-month suspended sentence and fined €10,000 ($11,000) by a French court Thursday. She was sentenced in absentia and found guilty of armed violence and complicity to hold someone against their will. Her bodyguard was handed an eight-month suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay a €5,000 ($5,600) fine.

Saudi crown prince's sister will go on trial in Paris for 'ordering her bodyguard to beat up a decorator and force him to kiss her feet' Source

13 JUNE 2019

The sister of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is to be put on trial in Paris next month for allegedly ordering her bodyguard to beat up a workman in the French capital. 

The case against Princess Hassa bint Salman stems from an alleged assault in her apartment on the ultra-expensive Avenue Foch in west Paris in September 2016. The alleged victim has said he was hired to carry out refurbishment work at Princess Hassa's apartment and that she became angry after he took a photograph, accusing him of wanting to sell it to the media. He alleges the princess, said to be in her 40s, then ordered the bodyguard to beat him up.Le Point magazine reported that the princess shouted: 'Kill him, the dog, he doesn't deserve to live'. The workman says he was punched in the face, his hands were tied and he was forced to kiss the princess's feet during an hours-long ordeal. His tools were confiscated before he was allowed to leave but his injuries were so severe that he was ordered off work for eight days. The bodyguard was charged on October 1, 2016 with armed violence, theft, issuing death threats and holding someone against their will. The trial is due to be judged on July 9, a source told AFP. Source


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  2. The image is actually of Aziza al-Yousef, a Saudi women right activist, not Hassa bint Salman. Where did being gay come into this? The actual story had nothing him about being gay nor the beating had anything to do with it.

    1. thanks..i thought she looked a little rough..oh and all interior decorators are GAY..


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