MEDITATION ON OUR LORD'S PASSION: When He Had Spoken This, One Of The Servants Gave A Blow To Jesus, Saying: Doest Thou Answer The High Priest So?

ARACCIOLO, Giovanni Battista 
Christ and Caiaphas 

When he had spoken this, one of the Servants gave a blow to Jesus, saying: doest thou answer the high Priest so? Jn.18.

Consider first that this blow was given, both because these very Servants were secretly pricked, which being sent to apprehend Jesus, returned home saying; Never did man speak so: And also of flattery, because it seemed not to be reverently spoken to the high Priest: (Why do you ask me) Proud and high minded men desire to be dealt honorably with all, and will loose none of their titles: & yet they violate the name of God with many oaths, perjuries, & blasphemies. Learn thou hereby that their are many ready to revenge the wrongs of rich and mighty men; but no man will defend the cause of Christ and of the poor.

Consider secondly the iniquity of this Judgment, where every one had power to hurt freely with applause and allowance of the Judges.

Thirdly, that this blow was of great cruelty, because particular mention is made thereof above all other, being many in number, which our Lord had already received, and should afterwards suffer. Learn thou to beare patiently the admonitions of Christ, and of other men, and pray unto God, that he will never permit thee to commit any offense without reproving thee, either by others or by thy own conscience.

Fr. Francis Costerus S.J. 1616


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