Acts Of Resignation

Virgin and Child 
c. 1522

1. Thy will be done dear Lord, in heaven, and in earth.

2.  Thou hast created me dear Lord, and all these things, which I have: and into thy hands I resign them.

3. Not my will: but thine be done, O eternal God.

4. Our Lord gave, and our Lord hath taken away, as it hath pleased our Lord, so is it done: the name of our Lord be blessed.

5. Take from me (most just Lord) even what thou wilt, and punish & afflict me as much as thou pleasest: only grant me always to enjoy the sight of thy Presence, and I am contented.

6. Thou only (o Lord) art my portion, mine inheritance, and my God: Do not separate me from thee, and all things else I leave to thy mercy.

7. Thy will be done for ever, and ever.

8. Into thy hands I commend my spirit.

9. So wound my heart dear Lord with thy love: that I may live not I, but thy will in me.

10. Grant me dear Lord, that I may at all times, and in all occasions ever seek to do thy will.


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